Skylar Grey CMLI :: Art Van ‘How Do You Rise?’ Promo f/ ‘Rise’ w/ David Guetta – Michigan Regional Super Bowl 50 TV Spot, 7-FEB-2016 | Video

As part of a regional promotional campaign focusing on the Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan area, furniture outlet Art Van Furniture, Inc. aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial this part Sunday (February 7) during Super Bowl 50.

Focusing on their Art Van Pure Sleep mattress chain, the :60 promo, entitled How Do You Rise?, featured Rise by David Guetta x Skylar Grey, and can be viewed via YouTube below!

How Do You Rise? | Art Van Super Bowl Promo ::

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Skylar Grey CML :: Interview w/ Jon Chattman – A-Sides x Huffington Post, 27-JAN-2016

“….every collaboration, I learn something different. Sometimes it’s what not to do, but it’s never a waste. That’s how you learn about yourself and grow. It’s good to go and do those things, and then come back to your center and use what you’ve learned….”

Jon Chattman of A-Sides interviewed Ms. Grey via phone late last year (2015), with the interview now being made available for readers via the official A-Sides website, as well as the Huffington Post.

Peep a few excerpts below, and click the article to read the entire interview!

Skylar Grey Shoots a “Cannonball” | A-Sides ::
“….You’re super respected and super known, but I’d imagine you can still keep some anonymity when you’re in public, right? Like, I don’t know if you go to a muffin shop or something… are there muffin shops? That was dumb. Sorry.
Well, I’m pretty much addicted to Starbucks. I get recognized occasionally. But, I can keep a low profile, and when I’m recognized, I’m always caught off guard. I’m shocked that they recognize me.

New Years resolutions can be lame and often unfulfilled, but have you come up with one you plan to stick with for 2016?
I’d say to reach out to my loved ones more often. We all have busy lives, and it gets in the way. But, it’s so Important to say hello and not just on a birthday.

And I’d imagine a resolution is to tour and put out the album…
Well, yes. Professionally, the album is pretty much done. For now I’m pretty close to finishing it. I don’t think it’s ever done, but you reach a point where you just send it off to get packaged. Even on my last album, the day before packaging, I was still mixing a song.

Can you listen to your own music?
I’m pretty hard on myself. But, as an artist, I just try to keep evolving, keep upbeat about it and get better. I don’t generally listen to myself for pleasure. I tear myself to shreds. I actually set out to make this an album I would listen to and buy. One of my favorite things to do is to just drive up the coast on the 101, and listen to my favorite records… Bon Iver, Kendrick Lamar… Radiohead. I wanted the new album to be on that playlist….”

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Skylar Grey CMXLIX :: Interview w/ Brandon Enyeart – Lemonade Magazine, 6-JAN-2016

“….“For once in your life push your ambitions aside and instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you”….”


Last year (2015), Ms.Grey provided Lemonade Magazine‘s editor-in-chief Brandon Enyeart with an interview after just coming off of her #VHSTour with X Ambassadors.

Topics included gaining inspiration from nature, growing up, “Moving Mountains”, and Scout! Read a few excerpt below, and click Lemonade‘s logo beneath to open the full interview.

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Brandon Enyeart | Lemonade Magazine ::
“….B: You could hear that on “Wear Me Out, one of my favorite songs off the first album. It will be very exciting to hear a new sort of feeling on this next one. It’s funny you mentioned Utah. I was going to ask you, because you spent a lot of your life up here in the Pacific Northwest. You have a lot of themes on the first album that kind of dealt with the weather, the sunshine, the stormy weather, the clouds and whatnot.

S: Yeah.

B: Does that play a huge part into your writing as well?

S: Yes. Actually just nature in general, not just weather. However, weather is what kind of inspired my name.

B: Yeah, right?

S: Yeah, weather is definitely a part of nature and a part of what…I guess a use of a lot of nature metaphors, and, for example there’s a song called “Moving Mountains” on my album and now I wake up and see these mountains everyday, so that’s probably why.

B: Yeah.

S:  I can tell you a little bit about that song, um, that song is about…I used to be this, like, really ambitious career-oriented girl, and I kind of neglected other things that I loved in life like my friends and family because I was so focused. And, actually Radiohead said it well, “Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.” Those are lyrics in a song. And I never really understood what the lyric meant before. And then I figured it out.

It’s like, yeah, it’s cool to be driven and whatever, but if you’re neglecting the present and all the people around you that you love and stuff like that for your career, that’s not very attractive and it’s also not very conducive to happiness. I feel like happiness is all about living in the moment, like right now. Waking up to these mountains and being with my dog and that kind of thing, so I wrote this song “Moving Mountains. The lyrics in the chorus is: “For once in your life push your ambitions aside and instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you.”

B: That’s amazing.

S: And so that lyric, that kind of describes the place I’m coming from on this album, like the theme overall. That’s where I’m at in life right now.

B: ….So you mentioned you got a dog as well. Being a dog lover, I have to ask about it.

S: Oh, yeah. So I have a German Shorthair Pointer.

B: Aww, nice.

S: And she’s just a bundle of energy and always excited to see me. I wish people were more like dogs because they’re just always so in the moment, like, they don’t think about the future or the past. They’re just here right now, and excited to be here. I love that.

B: Yep, they’re always happy to see you, that’s what’s awesome about dogs.

S: Yeah, and I never had a dog. She’s my first dog ever. My parents didn’t get one when I was younger, and I never really understood the human­/dog relationship until now.

B: That’s awesome. And what’s her name?

S: Scout.

B: Scout? Awesome! Congratulations!

S: She was in a commercial recently because I let her go on tour with me, and we did this commercial with “Cannonball” for Dodge Ram and she got her little 15 seconds.

B: So Scout is now a celebrity.

S: Yes, she is….”

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Skylar Grey CMXLVIII :: Skylar Grey 2015 Streaming Stats – Spotify’s #YearInMusic | Photo

As was shared by Ms. Grey via her Twitter yesterday (Sunday), Spotify has published streaming statistics for artists who utilized their service to offer their music for streaming over this past year of 2015.

To check out Spotify‘s #YearInMusic stats on Ms. Grey for the year, check out the graphic card below!

Skylar Grey’s #YearInMusic | Spotify ::

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Skylar Grey CMXLVII :: Interview w/ Allen Foster Exclusively for AXS – 14-DEC-2015

“….for this upcoming album, I wanted to make something that I could put alongside all of those albums that I used to listen to when I was driving up the coast. I would put in my favorite music and I would think and I would cry. It was so therapeutic….”

Having recently ended her Fall 2015 #VHSTour with X Ambassadors and Kevin Garrett, Ms. Grey has given a new interview to AXS contributing writer Allen Foster, which has now been published (December 14). This interview gives some insight into Ms. Grey’s current writing process, contrasted with how she has written in the recent past.

Read several excerpts below, and click the AXS logo to view the lengthy piece in full!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | AXS ::
“….“When a collaboration happens, it’s not like it was something you’d been planning for a long time,” Skylar explained to AXS in a recent interview. “It just kind of made sense to work on a song with my labelmates and Alex. Basically, we thought it would be fun, so we tried it.”

“I’m a big fan of X Ambassadors and Sam Harris,” she continued. “He’s one of the most talented songwriters I’ve worked with in a while, so it was exciting for me. And I think he’s a fan of mine, too, otherwise, I don’t think he would have agreed to work with me,” she laughed. “He’s so nice. The whole band is nice. They are all so amazing. I just got off tour with them, which was really fun because we got to play ‘Cannonball’ live together almost every night.”

Skylar Grey is a remarkable writer who possesses an enviable mix of talents that allows her to create passionate songs about matters of the heart, which often have a dark, dangerous, or provocative edge. She is the very definition of compelling. Vocally, her performances crackle with an urgency that keeps you riveted to her every breath. She is one of the most powerfully gripping artists of our time….

Skylar told AXS that she was much better at writing on her own and sending it to someone as opposed to writing together with them in the same room. “I don’t like to be uncomfortable when I’m writing. If I can’t express myself because I’m not comfortable, then I don’t get my best work done. I would rather just sit by myself at my laptop, record a bunch of material, and send the best ideas to somebody that I am working with. Then, they can send me back something or call me with some feedback. That’s generally how I work the best. I’m too self-conscious to be in the room trying things out for the first time in front of other people and singing bad notes,” she laughed. “I just never get anything done that way.”

“Also, a lot of people think they have to write in a certain formula,” she added. ‘This worked for me before, so I’m going to do it again.’ But it doesn’t actually work like that for me. The way that I wrote ‘Love the Way You Lie’ isn’t going to be the same way that my next big hit happens. It’s always going to be a slightly different process.”….

“A lot of the collaborations and a lot of the different genres that I worked in over the years were a way of me exploring to figure out exactly what I wanted to do,” the artist revealed. “I learned a great deal along the way — there’s definitely something you can learn from every person you work with and every genre you work in — so when I say that I’m going back to my roots, it’s not necessarily the sound, it’s my approach. I’m writing the way that I did when I was a 14-year-old girl who wasn’t corrupted by that formulaic songwriting that happens in the big city, she was just writing what she felt.”

“My songs were pretty terrible back then,” she laughed, “but they were pure. They were coming from such a real place. And that’s how I’m writing this new album. I’m not thinking about rules, so these songs are turning out to be one of the most authentic collections of music that I’ve ever written.”….

“For this upcoming album, I wanted to make something that I could put alongside all of those albums that I used to listen to when I was driving up the coast. I would put in my favorite music and I would think and I would cry. It was so therapeutic. I wanted to make an album that would fit in that same scenario.”….”

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Skylar Grey CMXLVI :: 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Nominations f/ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Soundtrack x Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint’ Album

With the full list of nominations for the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards being announced yesterday (Monday), it was revealed that two projects with Ms. Grey‘s involvement have been nominated – the Fifty Shades of Grey film soundtrack (f/ Ms. Grey’s original song I Know You), and Nicki Minaj‘s The Pinkprint album (f/ Ms. Grey on Bed of Lies)!

Check out the nomination details below, and stay tuned for more info on Ms. Grey appearing at the GRAMMYs on February 15 of this next year (2016).

Skylar Grey GRAMMY Nominations | Associated Projects ::
Best Rap Album
Nicki Minaj – The Pinkprint (f/ “Bed of Lies” w/ Skylar Grey)

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
Various Artists – Fifty Shades of Grey (f/ “I Know You” by Skylar Grey)

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Skylar Grey CMXLV :: Limited #VHSTour Merchandise f/ Tour CDs x T-Shirts x Beanies – Now Available, Shipping Worldwide | Buy

Now that her portion of the Skylar Grey x X Ambassadors x Kevin Garrett Fall 2015 #VHSTour has come to a close, Ms. Grey has decided to make leftover merchandise available for fans to purchase via her official website!

This merch can ship WORLDWIDE, and includes ::
**“Cannonball” 2-track limited edition tour single w/ poster (which exclusively features her previously teased upcoming album song “Closer”, as well as a special note from Ms. Grey) [$4+S&H]

**Black I Love It When Skies Are Grey text tee [$20+S&H]

**White side portrait tee [$20+S&H]

**Black dual-axe logo beanie [$20+S&H]

Click below to grab your own holiday gifts while supplies last.

Skylar Grey | Limited Edition 2015 Tour Merch ::

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Skylar Grey CMXLIV :: Brett Favre Welcome Home Tribute f/ ‘Coming Home’ – Tide, 26-NOV-2015 | Video

During the halftime of last night’s (November 26) Bears vs Packers American football game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, former Packers quarterback Brett Favre had his jersey number (#4) retired and added to the Lambeau Field ring of honour.

As a welcome home to Favre, who recently moved back to his home state of Wisconsin after a 7 year absence, American brand Tide released a special tribute video featuring Ms. Grey and Diddy-Dirty Money‘s Coming Home!

Check out the video via Favre’s Twitter below.

Tide x NFL – Brett Favre “Coming Home” Tribute | Video ::

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Skylar Grey CMXLIII :: Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s ‘2016 Rising Stars’ Television Spot f/ ‘Cannonball’ – The 2015 AMAs, 22-NOV-2015 | Video

During the 2015 AMAs (American Music Awards) this past evening (November 22), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles debuted a special 2016 Rising Stars television promo featuring Ms. Grey and her ever-faithful companion Scout, soundtracked by her new single Cannonball (f/ X Ambassadors).

Check out the :60 spot below, also featuring musicians Pia Mia, Tory Lanez, and BØRNS!

Skylar Grey x Fiat Chrysler Automobiles | 2016 Rising Stars ::

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Skylar Grey CMXLII :: The Tour Life Playlist – Spotify, 20-NOV-2015 | Stream

To give fans a taste of what songs she’s been listening to whilst on tour, Ms. Grey provided Spotify with a playlist of some of her recent tunes – she includes cuts from Bon Iver, David Gray, alt-J, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Damian Marley, among several others.

Click the Spotify button below to launch and stream (for free) the entire 42-song/3-hour+ playlist!

Skylar Grey – Tour Life Playlist | Spotify ::

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