Skylar Grey CMXLIII :: Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s ‘2016 Rising Stars’ Television Spot f/ ‘Cannonball’ – The 2015 AMAs, 22-NOV-2015 | Video

During the 2015 AMAs (American Music Awards) this past evening (November 22), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles debuted a special 2016 Rising Stars television promo featuring Ms. Grey and her ever-faithful companion Scout, soundtracked by her new single Cannonball (f/ X Ambassadors).

Check out the :60 spot below, also featuring musicians Pia Mia, Tory Lanez, and BØRNS!

Skylar Grey x Fiat Chrysler Automobiles | 2016 Rising Stars ::

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Skylar Grey CMXLII :: The Tour Life Playlist – Spotify, 20-NOV-2015 | Stream

To give fans a taste of what songs she’s been listening to whilst on tour, Ms. Grey provided Spotify with a playlist of some of her recent tunes – she includes cuts from Bon Iver, David Gray, alt-J, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Damian Marley, among several others.

Click the Spotify button below to launch and stream (for free) the entire 42-song/3-hour+ playlist!

Skylar Grey – Tour Life Playlist | Spotify ::

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Skylar Grey CMXLI :: Receives RIAA Diamond Award for 11 Million Sold – ‘Love the Way You Lie’, 18-NOV-2015 | Photo

This past Wednesday (November 18), Ms. Grey was presented with a Diamond Award certification by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for her part in writing the 2010 Eminem x Rihanna track Love the Way You Lie, with 11 million copies of the song sold thus far!

Check out a photo (by Universal Music Publishing) of Ms. Grey receiving the award below, and click it to leave your congratulations on Ms. Grey’s Instagram post.

Skylar Grey – RIAA Diamond Award | “Love the Way You Lie” ::

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Skylar Grey CMXL :: #VHSTour Interview w/ Neelu Mohaghegh – Verge Campus, 6-NOV-2015

“….my level of enjoyment is directly related to the amount of passion I have for a project… And it’s at an all time high….”

While still on the road for her #VHSTour with X Ambassadors and Kevin Garrett, Ms. Grey obliged Boston University‘s Verge Campus Editor-in-Chief Neelu Mohaghegh with an email interview.

Among the topics covered with Ms. Grey are branching out into ‘….oddball….’ hip-hop, working on her screenplay, admiration for Native American culture, interest in working with Kendrick Lamar, and advice to aspiring musicians – you may view several excerpts below, and click the Verge Campus logo to read the piece in full!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Neelu Mohaghegh | Verge Campus ::
“….NM: Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

SK: My dream collab is Kendrick right now. I love his feel and his tone. His voice is easy on the ears, and the beats he chooses are very musical and raw in comparison to a lot hip hop. I think we would have good chemistry. 


NM: What have been some of your favorite endeavors in your career whether it be a song you wrote, an album you released, a song you featured on, a tour you went on, an award ceremony you were at, etc.?

SK: I have quite a collection of adventures… My favorite time though is right now. I feel like I’m finally making an album of music that is ME and I’m just excited to be playing it on tour, and prepping for its release. My level of enjoyment is directly related to the amount of passion I have for a project… And it’s at an all time high.

NM: You’ve done countless songs for films and other television productions, what has that been like, how has that influenced your music, and has any of the experiences you’ve had in the industry changed your form of identity as a musician?

SK: I love writing for TV and Film, as it’s easy to get inspired through a story being told. However, the 2 songs I did this year for big movies (50 shades and Fast 7) were songs I wrote based on what I thought the movie studios wanted me to do. My favorite song I wrote for a movie this year was for “Southpaw” and the song is called “Closer, but it didn’t end up getting used in the film. I’m putting it on my album instead. I am VERY excited to announce that I recruited Brian Joseph to mix the song. I became a fan of his engineering and mixing from his work with Bon Iver.

NM: I know you must be extremely busy, but have you started planning what you might want to do next or have you started working on any new projects?

SK: I’m mainly focusing on finishing and promoting my album right now, but on the side, whenever I have time, I like to add to the screenplay I’ve been writing for a while, and add to plans for my Woodrat clothing line. Also, I’m always exploring different opportunities to collaborate and work on other projects. I don’t like to talk about them though, because 90% of those don’t come to fruition, but it’s always worth the effort because it only takes one great thing to change your life….”

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Skylar Grey CMXXXIX :: #VHSTour Interview w/ Mitch Mosk – Atwood Magazine, 2-NOV-2015

“….her new material breaks whatever barrier is left between musical genres as she embraces beauty and meaning over glitter and flash….”

Just prior to her October 22 #VHSTour gig at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City this past month, Ms. Grey did an interview with Mitch Mosk for an Atwood Magazine feature that has now (November 2) been published.

This lengthy feature covers her ever-evolving artistry as it relates to her current approach to music, some elaboration on the meaning of her song “Moving Mountains”, how making the decision to relocate changed her perspective on life and music, and the record label environment provided provided by Alex Da Kid at KIDinaKORNER.

View a few excerpts from the article below, and be sure to click the live shot to check out the entire Atwood Magazine piece (including more live shots)!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Mitch Mosk | Atwood Magazine ::
“….if Skylar Grey is going to grab your attention, she’s going to be doing it her way….

Pursuing authentic and honest music is a dream to which many recording artists aspire, but few realistically attain. The pressures to conform to the masses, appeal to a fan-base, or do what is generally expected of you are strongly ingrained in the music business, but precedent shows that taking the path less traveled – that striking out to see through an artistic vision – can be unimaginably rewarding. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was a complete identity shift for The Beatles, and it was met immediately with critical success despite doubts and concern about the band’s future prior to the album’s release….

How does an artist ignore the pop world around her? By focusing on her instincts and making what feels right. Skylar Grey is an authentic music artist settling into her own groove with a dark charm and an inviting charisma. She’s ready to show the world her bare bones, and we’re ready to accept them….


Skylar: I don’t know, I just do what I do. I’m writing music that I love right now… Music that I have been wanting to make for a long time, and until now I haven’t really felt free to create the way I want to. That’s why I’m excited to write this album – it’s stuff that I really love.


Skylar: When I think of my favorite albums, they’re albums I would put on by myself while driving through the Redwoods in California. I have the Radiohead albums that I love, and Bon Iver… It’s kind of mellow and sad, and really introspective and a little bit ambiguous. It’s those kind of writers that I listen to, so I wanted to write an album that fit in that category. I was so excited to get back to the drawing board and make an album that I could put into that category with albums I loved so much. Technically speaking, it’s not a concept record, but it kind of is; I wanted it to be an album I could pop in while driving through the Redwoods in California and have a meltdown – the kind of thing I could listen to and really think about my life.


Skylar: Man, there are so many good ones on there… I don’t remember the first one!


Skylar: There’s a song called “Moving Mountains” – there’s actually no drums on it at all, just a beautiful guitar part with an interesting chord progressing and really poignant lyrics:

For once in your life
For once push your ambitions aside
And instead of moving mountains
Let the mountains move you

It’s about slowing down and taking notice. For my whole life, I was so focused on my career – I thought it was the only thing in the world. Then I moved to Utah, and it taught me how much there was to love in the moment – to look out my window and see a mountain, and to appreciate the beauty of that instant. That song is really powerful for me – it’s about life, basically….”

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Skylar Grey CMXXXVIII :: New Song Title Reveal via Pre-#VHSTour Interview – VARIANCE Magazine, 27-OCT-2015

“….Grey says she’s been aching to “make something that speaks to me….”….”

In her second pre-#VHSTour interview to be released, Ms. Grey talks with VARIANCE Magazine‘s Jonathan Robles about working with X Ambassadors and Alex Da Kid on Cannonball, how she feels about where she’s at artistically now versus when she was creating her DON’T LOOK DOWN album, and also reveals some details on a newly revealed song!

Read the excerpt below to check out some of the new details, and click the VARIANCE logo to read the complete interview.

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Jonathan Robles | VARIANCE ::
“….while “Cannonball” serves as the lead single for the forthcoming, yet-untitled LP, Grey says it’s “probably the most energetic song on the record, but the rest of it is where my heart is and kind of weird,” she explains with a slight chuckle. “There’s a folk element throughout the album. Like, there’s a song called ‘Gone Fishing’ and it’s folky but it’s super weird. I did a lot of the songs with Mike Elizondo (Eminem, Dr. Dre) and he’s just a creative genius. I love it.”

Although Don’t Look Down was perhaps a polished, label-approved offering, Grey believes listeners will hear “a more authentic side of me” on her upcoming album. But it wouldn’t be possible had it not been for the previous set. “I think now that people aren’t expecting a certain thing from me, it’s kind of liberating.”….”

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Skylar Grey CMXXXVII :: New Song Title Reveal via Pre-#VHSTour Interview – Washington Square News, 22-OCT-2015

“….artistic, very complex chord structure, and it’s a piece of art to me. I feel really proud of it….”

Prior to departing on her current #VHSTour with X Ambassadors, Ms. Grey provided a Q&A interview to New York University‘s Washington Square News contributing writer Christine Hong.

The piece focuses on Cannonball, the sound and sonic shape of the upcoming second Skylar Grey album, and even publicly reveals a new song title (read below) – read an excerpt below, and click the WSN logo to view the write-up in its entirety!

Skylar Grey Q&A Interview w/ Christine Hong | WSN ::
“….WSN: You mentioned in a previous interview that you like being you in your rawest form versus an overproduced version of yourself (even aesthetically, with lots of makeup, etc.). What does that raw version of you really look like?
SG: I mean, this album is that. It’s definitely not overproduced as a lot of songs are, and some don’t even have drums on them. I wanted to do what was best for each song, instead of trying to make it like a big-sounding thing. One of my favorite songs on the album,
“Moving Mountains, has no drums on it and is a guitar-vocal kind of song. When I said ‘look,’ I think it comes down to how you dress and how you present yourself too. There’s a lot of really over-done-up people, I think, with tons of makeup and tons of crazy clothes, and I’m doing the opposite of that with this album and putting out really authentic, raw music. That’s also how I’m presenting myself too, like I don’t plan on wearing a lot of makeup and stuff, so this whole project is the most raw, authentic version of me that people have seen….”

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Skylar Grey CMXXXVI :: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Nominated for Top Soundtrack – 2015 AMAs, Vote via Twitter x Facebook | Vote

The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack (featuring Ms. Grey‘s original song I Know You), has been nominated for the 2015 AMA (American Music Award) for Top Soundtrack!

See instructions below on how to vote via Twitter and/or Facebook. The 2015 AMAs will air live on November 22 on ABC in the United States.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Top Soundtrack Nomination | AMAs ::

Tag @FiftyShades x Top Soundtrack x #AMAs in your tweet to vote!

Post a Status with Fifty Shades of Grey x #TopSoundtrack to vote!

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Skylar Grey CMXXXV :: ‘Cannonball’ f/ X Ambassadors – Official Behind-the-Scenes | Video

The official behind-the-scenes feature for Ms. Grey‘s Cannonball (f/ X Ambassadors) music video (directed by Daniel Carberry) has been dropped via VEVO!

The 3-minute clip features Ms. Grey reminiscing with her boxing coach Olympian Tony Jeffries about boxing injuries, showing off her on-set wolf wound, as well as stunt coordinator TJ White and Sam Harris from X Ambassadors talking shooting the Charger scene in 1000fps (as opposed to the usual 24-60fps).

Watch the clip in full below!

Skylar Grey x X Ambassadors – “Cannonball” | BtS ::

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Skylar Grey CMXXXIV :: ‘Sonic Footprints with Skylar Grey’, Episode 2 – Podcast, Special Guest Todd Mandel | Free Download

For the second episode of her monthly podcast Sonic Footprints with Skylar Grey, Ms. Grey brings in her first special guest to the series, Todd Mandel (her manager), to give insight into his role on her team, as well as provides some background on her latest song Cannonball (f/ X Ambassadors).

The episode can be download for free via iTunes clicking below! If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to consider Rating and Reviewing it in the iTunes Store.

Sonic Footprints with Skylar Grey | Podcast ::

TITLE: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way”

RUNTIME: 28mins

SPECIAL GUEST(s): Todd Mandel (manager)

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