Skylar Grey DCCCXXIV :: SICKY Eyewear Campaign for SICKY’S WORLD – Teaser | Photos

Two new photos of Ms. Grey‘s upcoming SICKY Eyewear campaign for SICKY’S WORLD, including one in an ad for Malibu Eye Center featured in the latest issue of Malibu Magazine, have made their way online within the last few days.

You can check out the ad featuring the first shot below, and click it to view the second shot exclusively on Ms. Grey’s Instagram!

Both photos are by Nadav Benjamin. Stay tuned for more from the shoot, including a behind-the-scenes video!

Skylar Grey for SICKY Eyewear | SICKY’S WORLD ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXIII :: Russell Crowe Talks Grey w/ Jimmy Fallon – The Tonight Show, 27-MAR-2014 | Video

With his new film Noah (also starring Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, and Anthony Hopkins) opening in the U.S. today (March 28), Russell Crowe stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night (March 27) to promote the Darren Aronofsky-directed project.

Prior to talking about the film, however, Fallon started their conversation asking Crowe about what music he’s into these days – they quickly got into talking about Ms. Grey, with Crowe suggesting that she appear on the programme. You can check out the full interview segment via YouTube below!

Russell Crowe Talks Skylar Grey w/ Jimmy Fallon | The Tonight Show ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXII :: Interview w/ Access Hollywood – 86th Academy Awards, 2-MAR-2014 | Video

While walking the red carpet at the 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party for the 86th Academy Awards earlier this month (March 2), Ms. Grey was stopped by Access Hollywood for a short interview.

In the :50 clip she talks about the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Hero with Kid Cudi being released, Shot Me Down with David Guetta doing well in the charts, and starting on her next album!

Skylar Grey – Red Carpet Interview | Access Hollywood ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXI :: Kaskade Talks Grey w/ ArjanWrites – Miami Music Week, 25-MAR-2014

Arjan Timmermans of ArjanWrites and Beats Music interviewed Kaskade during the first day of Miami Music Week yesterday (March 25), where Kaskade talked the organic writing process of creating Room for Happiness with Ms. Grey.

Read the excerpt below, and click the ArjanWrites logo to read the Kaskade interview in full!

Kaskade Talks Skylar Grey | ArjanWrites ::
“….what makes Kaskade different compared to many of his peers is that he approaches his creative process first and foremost as a songwriter. I went back to our 2006 interview and read him a quote from our chat back then. “It’s not the style that people are connecting to, it’s the song,” he said. Seven years later, that point of view still rings true for Kaskade.

It’s important for him to also drive the creative process entirely by himself. He doesn’t like to let people hear what he’s working on early. He also prefers not too work with a troop of topline writers unless it’s something that is organic and not forced. He specifically mentioned his work with Skylar Grey on “Room for Happiness” as a collaboration that happened naturally and grew into a friendship for both….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCXX :: In The Studio w/ Moby – ‘The Last Day’ w/ Skylar Grey | Video

Moby has been publishing a series of behind-the-scenes, in-studio videos detailing different aspects of creating his innocents album.

The BtS segment for “The Last Day” (feat. Skylar Grey) describes Moby‘s layering in guitar feedback to give the song an ‘….apocalyptic, chaotic quality….’, to convey the feeling of it falling apart by song’s end.

“The Last Day” | In The Studio w/ Moby ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXIX :: ‘Hero’ by Skylar Grey x Kid Cudi from ‘Need for Speed’ Film Soundtrack – Reviews and Buzz

Dropping 4 weeks early (and free for 1 week) on Google Play last Tuesday (March 11), the Kid Cudi x Skylar Grey collaboration “Hero”, written specially for the Need for Speed film soundtrack, has been well received by both Kid Cudi and Skylar Grey fans alike.

Check out a heavy sampling of excerpts from online reviews and opinions on the track below, and click any of the linked excerpt titles to read the articles and reviews in full!

Kid Cudi f/ Skylar Grey | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….two of my favorite voices in the game come together for the first time in “Hero” as Kid Cudi and Skylar Grey contribute this one to the Need For Speed Soundtrack.

Cudi kicks it off and handles the first half of the song — his tempo setting the tone and getting better throughout. I felt Skylar took it to another level both lyrically and vocally for the latter half of the record and all in all, it’s an instant *Tibs Fav. and one that I know will grow on me with more listens. Don’t look further for a new track on this Tuesday — my pick of the day, and an output that I feel fans of Cudi and Skylar will enjoy too….”

“Hero” | ::
“….the WZRD (Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius)-produced song is classic Cudder, crooning effortlessly on the melodic cut which also features Skylar Grey….”

Kid Cudi and Skylar Grey Collab | PopStopTV ::
“….the actor  is taking on a collab with the one and only Skylar Grey. The  WZRD-produced “Hero,  features haunting vocals from Skylar and Kid’s iconic voice….”

‘Hero’ for Need for Speed II | 303 Magazine ::
“….Cudi devised an incredibly distinct tune for Need for Speed II. The track, ‘Hero’, dropped on Tuesday and reveals Cudi’s qualified production, vocal and creative skills. Not only is the song theatre material, but the captivating Skylar Grey offers her voice in a classic way.

The movie hit theatres today….take the opportunity to hear ‘Hero’ in those cushiony seats with the ultimate surround sound….”

KiD CuDi featuring Skylar Grey | HYPETRAK ::
“….produced by CuDi alongside Dot Da Genius, the somber but hypnotic beat kicks off with Cudder, with Skylar Grey stepping in around the 2:00 mark….”

New Music | VIBE ::
“….forget the fact that the film is about racing; “Hero” featuring Skylar Grey is as slow and spacey as any other Cudder song you love. Close your eyes and vibe out to the WZRD-produced cut….”

Kid Cudi feat. Skylar Grey | BigDreamsMedia ::
“….Kid Cudi links up with Skylar Grey on “Hero”, a track off the upcoming Need For Speed soundtrack. The song is just one of the gems found on the upcoming soundtrack….”

Cudi Makes a Soundtrack Song | AFH ::
“….fast cars and punches might not sound like something that Kid Cudi’s music would gel with. However, the new Need For Speed film is met with some Cud that really hones in on speed, uncertainty, and dark journeys that brings Scotty’s abstract (as “Hero”) to Aaron Paul’s two-lane blacktop in the film. The song, with a penetrating bassline, catchy chorus, and a late addition from Eminem/Dr. Dre/Lupe Fiasco collaborator Skylar Grey, is very reminiscent of Kid’s 2008 breakthrough, and subsequent 2009 debut album….”

Hero (Ft. Skylar Grey) | TinMan London ::
“….Kid Cudi’s recent audio output has been something of a surprise….showcasing his old-school ways once more.

….Cudi delivers a standout record for the movies soundtrack, collaborating with Skylar Grey on the haunting record, “HERO”.

….eery flows are complimented perfectly by Grey’s flawless vocal display, backed by a perfect drive-to-beat….”

Kid Cudi & Skylar Grey | stupidDOPE ::
“….something rather dope, creative, and unique as always.

The track is a dark, menacing, pulsing vibe that plays out perfectly with the context of the film, especially the trailer to which it was linked originally. Kid Cudi lets loose of his impressive and contagious vocal abilities, while Ms. Grey adds a welcomed touch to the cut….”

Listen | Pigeons & Planes ::
“….featuring Skylar Grey, the track is an ominous production accentuated by menacing, laser-like synths and Cudi’s signature, somber vocals….”

Hear New Kid Cudi | Complex ::
“….featuring Skylar Grey and carries undertones from the soundtrack of another recent car-heavy film Drive. But as it evolves from dark, Miami Vice-gleaned synths, it blooms into something emotional and deeply rooted in Cudi’s sound….”

Kid Cudi x Skylar Grey | Rap Radar ::
“….the film’s star Scott Mescudi carries his note over to the soundtrack with Ms. Grey riding shotgun and Dot Da Genius behind the wheel….”

feat. @SkylarGrey | fly little things ::
“….Cudi teams up with the beautiful and talented Skylar Grey for a new track called Hero….”

Hero ft. Skylar Grey | The Jewel Wicker Show ::
“….I was fully expecting a depressing song with torturous lyrics. Despite it’s dark sound, the track is pretty uplifting. “Have no fear of falling. It won’t help you in the end,” Grey sings….”

(NEW MUSIC) | GlobalGrind ::
“….the two harmonize beautifully together towards the end, lending a hypnotizing, ethereal vibe to the track….”

New Music: Kid Cudi f/ Skylar Grey | Rap-Up ::
“….the rapper-turned-actor casts a dark spell on the WZRD-produced “Hero, which features haunting vocals from Skylar Grey….”

[NEW] | The Music Ninja ::
“….over atmospheric and building production, the Cleveland emcee delivers his unique, dark lyricism in a way that only he knows how. Grey’s vocals come in a bit later and actually work surprisingly well in a unique collaboration….”

Kid Cudi “Hero” | SwurvRadio ::
“….featuring the golden voice of Skylar Grey is a new song from the Need for Speed official soundtrack. This cut is pretty wavy and it grows on me every time I listen to it. Cudi starts it off with his WZRD-esque groaning/singing combo and you kind of just have to let it take you for a ride. I’m glad to see Skylar Grey getting some quality time on “Hero. I feel like most people just know her for her monster hooks, but she can carry on song when she needs to. While Cudi and Grey both (in my opinion) did their best work earlier in their careers, they are two tremendously talented and creative individuals and I would love to hear them work together more. Definitely vibing with “Hero”….”

Kid Cudi ft Skylar Grey | DaLeak ::
“….the collaboration between the two artists is just as dark and complimentary as you would expect. The moody, haunting vibe of this single isn’t as turnt as the action-packed movie but is still a smooth listen that shouldn’t be ignored….”

Hero (Ft. Skylar Grey) | indie shuffle ::
“….over a brooding and very Drive-like beat, Cudi’s ominous vocals complement Grey’s lush pipes. The probing synths give “Hero” a dark edge, with Cudi’s lyrics about “riding alone” and “speeding away” tying in with the racing theme of the film….”

AUDIO | Harlee’s Haven ::
“….the track released last week and reveals Cudi‘s distinct production and creative skills. Also, highlighting Skylar Grey‘s voice in a classic way. These two artists created a radiant rack with a genuine melody….”

['Need for Speed' Soundtrack] | Good Music All Day ::
“….the song features the wonderful voice of Skylar Grey and was written by both Cudi and Grey. “Hero” has a dreamy synth-pop sound that’s mesmermizing. Kid Cudi lays down his standard scats and melodic style of hip-hop before Skylar Grey enters with enchanting vocals. This is a dope track for the new Need For Speed movie that’s in theaters….”

Hero (feat. Skylar Grey) | Your Music Radar ::
“….Kid Cudi featuring Sklar Grey on paper is gold.  In your ear, it is fantastic….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCXVIII :: ‘Hero’ by Skylar Grey x Kid Cudi from ‘Need for Speed’ Film Soundtrack – Now Available, Google Play Exclusive | Free Download

The soundtrack for the Need for Speed film has dropped (March 11), and you can now grab the Skylar Grey x Kid Cudi track “Hero”, written specifically for the film, for free exclusively from Google Play!

NOTE :: This is an exclusive Google Play release, and the full soundtrack will only be available through their service for the first 4 weeks of its release.

Click the soundtrack’s artwork below to view the special release, and share the link on your social media to show support and let your friends know about the limited time free download!

Skylar Grey x Kid Cudi – “Hero” | Free Download via Google Play ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXVII :: Interview w/ PopStop TV’s XiXi Yang – ‘Need for Speed’ Film Premiere Red Carpet, 6-MAR-2014 | Video

Another in Ms. Grey‘s Need for Speed film premiere red carpet interviews is one with XiXi Yang of PopStop TV. She explains having a clear direction in making her next album ‘….the purest art….’, Eminem signing on to work with her more in the future, and possibly having a police warrant for her floating around somewhere.

Watch the full 2-minute segment below!

Red Carpet Interview w/ Skylar Grey | PopStop TV ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXVI :: Interview w/ Pacific Rim Video Press – ‘Need for Speed’ Film Premiere Red Carpet, 6-MAR-2014 | Video

While walking the Need for Speed film premiere red carpet this past Friday (March 6) in support of her and Kid Cudi‘s song “Hero” appearing in the film, Ms. Grey stopped and talked with Chris Trondsen of Pacific Rim Video Press about her chemistry working with Cudi, “Coming Home”‘s long life, and starting work on her second album.

Check the full 3-minute interview below, and be sure to grab “Hero” when it drops this Tuesday, March 11!

Red Carpet Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Pacific Rim Video Press ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXV :: ‘Need for Speed’ Film Premiere Red Carpet – TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, 6-MAR-2014 | Photos

With her collaboration with Kid Cudi“Hero”, appearing in (and written specifically for) the Need for Speed movie, Ms. Grey was in attendance at the film’s Hollywood premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre last night (March 6).

Check out a few photos of Ms. Grey at the premiere, sporting her favoured drop-crotch style, and no make-up, via Zimbio below!

Skylar Grey @ Need for Speed Film Premiere | Photos ::

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