Skylar Grey MCCXX :: ‘Mai Tais’ w/ Train – Single Now Available, Performance Airing on ‘Magnum P.I.’ Tonight | Teaser+Buy

The new Skylar Grey x Train collaboration “Mai Tais” is out!

Be sure to tune in to Season 2 Episode 8 (“He Came by Night”) of Magnum P.I. on CBS tonight (check local listings) to see Ms. Grey x Train perform the song in-episode!

You can grab the song by clicking its artwork below, and also check out the :15 promo for the episode beneath it before you view the episode.

It has also been announced that Ms. Grey will be joining Train on their next Sail Across the Sun cruise in February 2010 – CLICK HERE for more details!

Skylar Grey x Train – “Mai Tais” | Magnum P.I. ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXIX :: ‘Falling In Love Again’ by Céline Dion, Written by Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor – Now Available | Buy

Céline Dion‘s new song “Falling In Love Again” (from her newly-released album Courage, and written by Ms. Grey x Elliott Taylor) is now available! The song was chosen to included on the first of Dion’s albums executive produced by Dion herself.

The song also contains the original piano track and backing vocals by Ms. Grey.

Click the album’s artwork below to grab the song via your favourite digital music platform!

“Falling In Love Again” Written by Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor | Céline Dion ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXVIII :: ‘Calling from the Heavens’ – for Alaina Housley, Now Available | Buy

“Calling from the Heavens” is a special song written by Ms. Grey in honour of Alaina Housley (based on lyrical concepts from Alaina’s father, Arik), who lost her life during the Borderline Bar & Grill rampage killing in 2018.

All proceeds from the song go to the Alaina’s Voice Foundation (the Housley Family’s 501(c)3 non-profit organization), whose mission includes enacting positive change by inspiring hope and kindness through art and education, helping provide mental health aid for those in need, as well as advocating for responsible reporting in the media on individuals that would take/have taken innocent lives.

Grab the song by clicking the artwork below, and please do share the song on your social media. @AlainasVoice #AlainasVoice

Skylar Grey – “Calling from the Heavens” | Buy ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXVII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Album Daily, 30-OCT-2019

“….kudos to her for the versatility and courage to try out a new sound….”
 – Album Daily

Album Daily, which provides readers/subscribers with their daily album picks of the best music available, has made Ms. Grey‘s Angel With Tattoos project their pick for today (October 30)!

Click Album Daily‘s logo below to view the project’s individual page and read why they made it their pick+see what their Top Tracks are!

Skylar Grey – Angel With Tattoos | Album Daily ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXVI :: ‘Let It Out (Take 2)’ by Elliott Taylor – Official Visual, Now Available | Video

Ms. Grey‘s partner Elliott Taylor released “Let It Out (Take 2)”, the acoustic version of his first solo release “Let It Out”, earlier this month (October 4).

The original version of the song was produced by Ms. Grey, and the (Take 2) acoustic version was put together with the help of Ms. Grey and Scott Goldbaum.

Now, the official visual (dir. Peter Harding) is available for viewing!

Watch it below, and click the release’s artwork to stream/buy the song if you haven’t already!

Elliott Taylor – “Let It Out (Take 2)” | Official Visual ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXV :: ‘Mai Tai’ w/ Train – Premiering in ‘Magnum P.I.’ 2×8, Airing 15-NOV-2019 | Press Release

Ms. Grey‘s coming “Mai Tai” collaboration w/ Train is set to premiere in season 2/episode 8 (“He Came by Night”) of CBSMagnum P.I. this next month (November 15) – see the official, newly released press release below!

Skylar Grey x Train x Magnum P.I. | Press Release ::
“….“He Came by Night” – Magnum and Higgins’ new partnership is tested when they disagree about being hired by a woman who wants them to recover her $3 million in stolen drug money in order to save her husband’s life. Also, TC and Shammy must get to the bottom of a potential case of someone impersonating a decorated veteran, on MAGNUM P.I., Friday, Nov. 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Grammy Award-winning artist Train performs the world premiere of their new song “Mai Tai” with special guest Skylar Grey.

MAGNUM P.I. is a modern take on the classic series centering on Thomas Magnum, a decorated former Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator. A charming rogue, an American hero and a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, Magnum lives in a guest cottage on Robin’s Nest, the luxurious estate where he works as a security consultant to supplement his P.I. business.

The “majordomo” of the property is Juliet Higgins, a beautiful and commanding disavowed MI:6 agent whose second job is to keep Magnum in line, with the help of her two Dobermans. When Magnum needs back-up on a job, he turns to his trusted buddies and fellow POW survivors, Theodore “TC” Calvin, a former Marine chopper pilot who runs Island Hoppers, a helicopter tour business, and Orville “Rick” Wright, a former Marine door-gunner-turned-impresario of Oahu’s coolest nightclub and the most connected man on the island.

Suspicious of Magnum’s casual attitude and presence at his crime scenes, Detective Gordon Katsumoto finds that he and Magnum are more alike than either of them care to admit. One of Magnum’s biggest supporters is Teuila “Kumu” Tuileta, the unofficial “House Mom” and cultural curator of Robin’s Nest.

With keys to a vintage Ferrari in one hand, aviator sunglasses in the other, and an Old Düsseldorf longneck chilling in the fridge, Thomas Magnum is back on the case!….”

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Skylar Grey MCCXIV :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Interview x Tattoo Tour w/ Tess Adamakos for INKED | Photos

“….I don’t want people to forget that true love and happiness really do exist….”
 – Skylar Grey, INKED

Appropriate, given today’s release of Angel With TattoosTess Adamkos has collaborated w/ Ms. Grey on a special #TattooTour interview feature for INKED!

Read a section of the interview below, and click any of the new pro-shots to check out Ms. Grey detailing each of her own tattoos exclusively to INKED!

Skylar Grey x INKED | #TattooTour ::
“….you’ve heard Skylar Grey’s vocals on countless chart-toppers, including Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go, Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor, Nicki Minaj’s “Bed of Lies, and Macklemore’s “Glorious. Or, you’ve appreciated her songwriting through countless hits, including Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie, (and soon to be released, a song for Celine Dion.)

You’ve seen Margot Robbie kick ass to Skylar Grey’s contributions to the Suicide Squad soundtrack (Kehlani’s “Gangsta, which she co-wrote, and her single “Wreak Havoc.) Or, if you didn’t watch Fifty Shades of Grey for just the sex scenes, you heard Grey’s “I Know You” once the credits rolled.

While known for writing some of new-age hip-hop’s biggest hits, Skylar Grey is returning to her Wisconsin roots with her latest project, Angel With Tattoos. Echoing Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, the EP comes with the tattooed-edge only an angel with ink can bring. Growing up with a folk-musician mother and a father in a barbershop quartet, Angel With Tattoos features a ‘70s vibe as an ode to the diverse music of her childhood, while seamlessly bridging the generational gap, with hints of Sheryl Crow and KT Tunstall shining through….

Skylar Grey tells INKED that ‘Angel With Tattoos’ is inspired by love.

“It’s to help the world believe in love and fairytale romance again,” she adds. “In this day and age, it’s almost expected to have a fucked up relationship, but I don’t want people to forget that true love and happiness really do exist.”

Her fiancé Elliott Taylor coined the nickname “angel with tattoos” for Grey, to capture her duality as a sweet girl with a rebellious edge.

“Along with loving the art and commitment that goes into tattoos, I actually got them partially because I am a sensitive person, and I felt having tattoos would make me tougher and people would not want to push me around anymore,” Grey says. “I wanted to feel a little bit intimidating on purpose.”….

This, she mentions, has come around in an unexpected way, as the single “Angel With Tattoos” tells the story of wanting to be accepted into her partner’s family, but feeling judged because of her body art. She admits the story of this single was factually based with her fiancé’s family.

“Sometimes people think you’re a bad person when they see your tattoos. That’s why Elliot came up with the phrase, because he knows the real me. He knows I’m a good person, I’m honest and loyal, and would do anything for him,” she says. “People can be very judgmental towards tattoos.

This, she highlights, is the second mission of her album.

“I also want to get that message to listeners through this album,” Grey adds. “Judging people based off stereotypes doesn’t mean you’re seeing the real person.”

Alongside this latest EP, Grey has a song coming out in November with Train called “Mai Tais”….”

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Skylar Grey MCCXIII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Interview w/ Mike Wass for Idolator

“….I do just sit at the piano and play. That is at the core of everything I do….”
 – Skylar Grey, Idolator

Idolator‘s Mike Wass has just published his latest interview w/ Ms. Grey!

They chat about her brand new open-ended album Angel With Tattoos, writing for Céline Dion, and her 2006 Fort Minor collaboration Where’d You Go (released under her previous artist name Holly Brook).

Check out a few excerpts below, and click the Idolator logo to read the full-length piece!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Idolator ::
“….I recently caught up with Skylar to discuss her new project, which came about after an illuminating session with producer Dave Bassett. She also opened up about the subject of the exceedingly gooey love songs — her fiancé and now-collaborator, Elliott Taylor. Other topics of conversation include writing a song for Céline Dion’s new album, an upcoming collaboration with pop/rock veterans Train and her memories of featuring on Fort Minor’s 2006 hit “Where’d You Go.….

When did you decide to write stripped-back, folk songs? It’s so different to your recent material.

It happened organically. I had been doing sessions with a lot of writers and producers, not for myself but for other people. Actually, at that point, I had made a decision to just go down the road of being a songwriter and not really focus on my artist career. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from Interscope saying they wanted to make a new album. I was surprised because my last two albums didn’t do so well. So I continued doing sessions, but started trying to figure out what I wanted to create.

Those sessions can be a little bit exhausting because you’re meeting somebody new every time. It’s like you walk in, you talk for maybe 15 minutes to break the ice and then you start getting emotional and writing a song. It can be really awkward and a little bit exhausting. I had come to a point where I was just over it. Then I had this session set up with a guy named Dave Bassett, who I didn’t really know much about. I was burnt out from songwriting sessions and wasn’t really stoked to go.

Then I get there and we started writing a song. Totally, out of nowhere, we stumbled upon the sound. He started playing the guitar. I started singing. It immediately brought me back to this feeling of my childhood, listening to Carole King and Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. I was so happy that I had gone through with the session and discovered the sound. I knew I wanted to make a whole project with this sound. I played it for my A&R person and he loved it. So I did more sessions with Dave. We just continued building this project.

Anyway, I took the batch of these songs to Interscope and said, “I’m ready, here’s my album.” They were like, “We’re not really feeling it.” So I was just like, “I’m so into this sound right now that I’m not going to shift my course. What are we going to do here?” We decided to part ways. It was very amicable. They let me take my songs with me. Those are the songs I’m now releasing….

In one of your older interviews, you said there might be a solo version of “Walk On Water” on the album. Is that still a possibility?

I did record it. I just have to figure out the release of that. It’ll probably come out on this project eventually. This is an open-ended album. I’m putting out these five songs first because they’re the most complete. I don’t want to wait any longer. I don’t want to wait for five more songs to get done, to be able to release these songs. I’m just putting them out. As I write more songs in this style, I will keep adding to the project. In the meantime, I’m always working on different styles of music. That’s why I call this a concept album….

I have to ask you about “Where’d You Go. What are you memories of that release?

That song I didn’t write. I was signed to Linkin Park’s label at the time. Mike Shinoda was making a solo project. He asked me to come down to the studio and lay a vocal down for the hook. He thought it would be cool for me to sing on. I didn’t really think much of it. Then, a few months later, it was a hit. I wasn’t ready for a hit. I thought I was. I was super excited about it, but I didn’t know how to follow it up. I didn’t have my songs together. I liked what I was doing but I didn’t have The Song.

What was it like to be so young and have a huge hit?

It was really, really cool. First of all, I had always been a fan of Eminem and the song “Stan. Working on a hip hop song with a female vocal was something I’d always wanted to do. Just that alone was really fun. Then having a song on the top of the charts was… it gave me a taste of the drug. Everything fell apart after that, everything in my life took a tumble. I had to regroup. I had to do some soul searching after that point and figure out what I wanted to do. Then I came back into the game with “Love The Way You Lie” for Eminem.

Which just happens to be one of the biggest songs of all times. I actually like the whole Holly Brook album too.

Thank you. I did too. I’m a better songwriter now than back then. Just because of all the experience I’ve had at this point. Stylistically, I really liked where I was going on that. I’m probably going to start leaning more into piano vocal driven stuff again in general, because that’s just at the core of all the genres that I work in, I do just sit at the piano and play. That is at the core of everything I do….”

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Skylar Grey MCCXII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Project x Official Visual, Now Available | Video+Buy

The wait is finally over – Ms. Grey‘s Angel With Tattoos, her first new independent project, is now officially available!

Remember that Angel With Tattoos is an open-ended project, and may have more material added to it at random points throughout the rest of Ms. Grey’s career.

But for now – grab the project’s first 5 songs + watch the title track’s official visual (dir. Peter Harding) below, and please be sure to share the project around on your social media if you dig it! Now that Ms. Grey is an independent artist, your support makes a huge difference. #AngelWithTattoos

Skylar Grey – Angel With Tattoos | Buy ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXI :: ‘Falling In Love Again’ by Céline Dion, Written by Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor – ‘Courage’ Album Releasing 15-NOV-2019 | Photos

Céline Dion has revealed the tracklisting for her upcoming album Courage, revealing the title of the song that Ms. Grey x Elliott Taylor wrote together, “Falling In Love Again”!

The song is slated to contain the original piano track and backing vocals by Ms. Grey, and the album’s release date is November 15, 2019!

See the tracklisting for the standard edition of the album + the album’s cover art below – click either to access the album’s pre-order.

“Falling In Love Again” Written by Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor | Céline Dion ::

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