Skylar Grey CMLXVII :: ‘Beneath With Me’ w/ Kaskade x deadmau5 – Kaskade Interview w/ Revolt TV, 2-MAY-2016 | Video

Now that Kaskade has followed up deadmau5‘s two original snippets of “Beneath With Me” with his own surprise, full-length third version, Revolt TV caught up with Kaskade in Los Angeles to talk about a yet another (fourth) version of the collaboration being released soon!

Watch the 2-minute interview piece via REVOLT TV below!

Kaskade Interview | Revolt TV ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXVI :: Songwriter Interview w/ Dale Kawashima – SongwriterUniverse, 28-APR-2016 | Photo

“….I didn’t know I would be featured as a vocalist on it until Puff just demanded that I stay on the intro hook, so [my voice was on] the demo….”

Dale Kawashima of SongwriterUniverse has published a new interview with Ms. Grey, focusing on her various songwriting projects over the past few years. They cover her solo material, featured projects, and her upcoming album.

Check out a portion of the interview below, and click the pro-shot (by Tyler Shields) underneath to read the full article (which includes additional insight into her featured writing, I Know You, and Love the Way You Lie)!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Dale Kawashima | SongwriterUniverse ::
“….DK: I like your new single, “Moving Mountains. Is this part of a new album you’re working on?
Skylar Grey: Yes, it’s part of an upcoming album. I’m not sure when [the album will be] coming out or what it’s called just yet (she laughs).

DK: Will the album be produced by Mike Elizondo and Mark Batson?
Grey: A lot of the songs are—about half of the album is done with them.

….DK: When you got together on your song “Coming Home” with Diddy & Dirty Money, did they say beforehand that they wanted you to write the hook and sing that part?
Grey: “Coming Home” came after I wrote “Love The Way You Lie” for Eminem & Rihanna. At that time, I was kind of a sought-after writer. And so Puff reached out to my team and said they wanted to work with me. I wrote the hook “Coming Home, but I didn’t know I would be featured as a vocalist on it until Puff just demanded that I stay on the intro hook, so [my voice was on] the demo. So he wanted to keep it.

DK: To me, when you sing the hook “coming home,” that seems like the most memorable part of the song.
Grey: Yeah, that portion of the song—the part I’m singing on—has been used in so many sports shows and there’s been so many syncs (film & TV uses) that came out of that. So that was really cool. Even just that little section of the song.

….DK: You’ve also done a lot of co-writing—you co-wrote the hit “Clarity” for Zedd. Does that also happen a lot, where you go into a session as a topliner writing for another artist?
Grey: No, actually that was an unique situation. I got called in to be the vocalist on that song and then it wasn’t really in my (vocal) range. So I ended up just co-writing the song, but not singing it in the end.

I don’t do a lot of co-writing anymore. I really only work on projects that I’m passionate about, and I’m really passionate about writing music for myself, obviously because that’s where my heart’s at. And sometimes there will be a project presented to me that I’m passionate about, but it’s very rare—it could be a movie that has a story line that really gets me, or it could be an artist that I love. But it doesn’t happen that often. I usually turn down those sessions.

….DK: Currently, you’ve released your single “Moving Mountains. Is your plan to focus this year on finishing and releasing your new album, and touring, or do you have other projects lined up too?
Grey: Yeah, I’m going to finish this tour (with Atlas Genius) and hopefully get on another one. And definitely finish my album and put it out. I’m playing a lot of new material live, and the reaction has been great so far on this tour. I’m excited for people to actually be able to get the music in their hands. So that’s the main plan. Along the way, I’ll probably keep putting out singles—not singles that I expect to go to radio or anything like that—just putting out songs with content like a video. It’s important to constantly be putting out creative pieces….”

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Skylar Grey CMLXV :: ‘Moving Mountains (Live at the Fonda)’ – Official Visual | Video

Now nearing the end of her current Spring Tour with Atlas Genius, Ms. Grey has released a special pro-shot video of herself performing her current single Moving Mountains live at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles!

This performance footage is taken from Ms. Grey’s sold out Fonda show this past November 14 (2015), during her Fall Tour with X Ambassadors.

Skylar Grey – “Moving Mountains (Live at the Fonda)” | Official Video ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXIV :: GRAMMY-Nominated Songwriter Interview w/ Joseph Kisiday – The Odyssey, 25-APR-2016

“….that song was about me figuring out how to be happy. After years of depression, I said to myself, “I’m gonna tackle my demons and be happy.”….”

Third in our published student/university interviews is Joseph Kisiday‘s interview with Ms. Grey for The Odyssey (Christopher Newport University, Newport New, Virginia).

In this piece Ms. Grey talks Eminem, working with Kaskade and deadmau5, and gives advice to artists entering the music industry – view a portion of the piece below, and click The Odyssey‘s logo to read the entire feature!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Joseph Kisiday | The Odyssey ::
“….I’m also a huge fan of your electronic work. In fact, I still jam out to “Room for Happiness” and “Shot Me Down. I’ve heard your new song with Kaskade and Deadmau5, and am curious, what is it like working with EDM producers? Are they in the studio with you when you record tracks?

SG: Sometimes, yeah. In my experience with EDM, people are great to work with, and they give me the freedom to do what I want. For this new song, there was already an idea for melody and lyrics. I loved what was already there, so I tweaked the melody and lyrics just a little bit. Deadmau5 can sometimes be hard to reach, so I’m glad that Kaskade sent me the track.

Do you start writing all of your songs on guitar or piano, or through another method?

SG: No. I don’t have any rules for songwriting. It could start on a guitar, or it could be a lyric or melody. I don’t limit myself creatively.

Who have you learned most from in the industry?

SG: Eminem is the most influential person for me. He’s very inspiring and very true to who he is as an artist….”

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Skylar Grey CMLXIII :: Tour Bus Interviews w/ Alberto De La Rosa – Student Life, 20-APR-2016

“….Student Life: How’s the tour going? I know you’ve been touring with Skylar Grey for a few weeks now.
Atlas Genius: She’s pretty awesome. This is very different than what we do. Normally, you tour with bands that sound kind of like you, but she’s very different….”

As an interview piece for Student Life (Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri), Alberto De La Rosa interviewed both Ms. Grey as well as Atlas GeniusKeith and Michael Jeffery regarding their current Spring Tour.

Check out a couple of selections from both interviews below, and click the Student Life logo to read both interviews in their entirety and find out which songs off her new album are currently Ms. Grey’s favourites!

Skylar Grey x Atlas Genius Interviews w/ Alberto De La Rosa | Student Life ::
“….I spoke with each Skylar Grey and Atlas Genius’ Keith and Michael Jeffery in the comfort of their tour buses as they got ready for their show at the Firebird in Midtown St. Louis. Each act reflected on its personal journeys and shared its musical influences.

….Student Life: Has the writing process for your upcoming album been the same as [the one for] “Moving Mountains”? Will the album have the same feel as the song?
Skylar Grey: Actually, no. “Moving Mountains” is what I like to call the “ear-break” of the album, so you get a break from drums. Most of the album is drums. Ironically, “Moving Mountains” had drums originally, but I thought it took away, so I pulled the drums off last second for the mix. Mike Elizondo and Mark Batson are two of the producers of this album, and they are known for a lot of their hip-hop producing, and they produced “Moving Mountains, too. So, it’s kind of like a mix of genres that I love in the album.

Student Life: You cross over between genres in many of your songs.
Skylar Grey: I came from a really folk background. When I was growing up, I played folk music with my mom. But then, in the 90s, I got really into grunge. Then, a little bit later, I got into hip-hop. It’s this weird mixture of things. And I also grew up in a very eclectic musical family. And then I worked with people like Kaskade [and] David Guetta in the dance world. I pretty much worked in every genre, so it’s really hard for me to land on one sound. But this album, aside from “Moving Mountains, the rest of the album is really cohesive and trying to find a sound that is unique to me and tries to combine all those elements in a way that’s kind of its own thing.

Student Life: Your first album, “Don’t Look Down” dealt with some dark themes.
Skylar Grey: You think so?

Student Life: Yeah, I feel like some of the songs deal with heavy subjects.
Skylar Grey: Yeah, there’s definitely some darker songs like “Final Warning. So, yeah—they’re dark. But this new album, I feel, is actually darker. Not in like an “emo” dark way. It’s more positive—lyrically, it’s more positive but sonically, it’s darker.

Student Life: You’ve worked with a lot of high-profile artists but have managed to stay away from the spotlight through it all. Is that something you do intentionally?
Skylar Grey: It’s funny that a lot of people ask me that question. I don’t try to stay away from it but I don’t reach for it, either. I just do my thing and work on my music and whatever happens, happens. For some people, that means getting followed by paparazzi and for some people, that means having a private life.

….Student Life: What’s your favorite song to perform live?
Skylar Grey: I love performing “Straight Shooter. It’s always my favorite to sing.

Student Life: You have mentioned in other outlets that Bon Iver is one of your favorite artists. How has his music influenced your own?
Skylar Grey: Yeah, what I’ve been trying to do is come up with a sound that is unique to me. Like I said, that uses a lot of the genres that I’ve worked in. Bon Iver, for example, does this beautiful vocal layering with harmonies. And also, the harmonic structure of some of his chords that he brings into the vocals is really unique. That type of stuff really influenced me. On the other hand, I’ve worked with a lot of hip-hop music. One of my favorite artists right now is Kendrick Lamar, and so I’m trying to find a sound that’s almost like Bon Iver and Kendrick Lamar—but the female version. So you get these beautiful layered vocals but then hip-hop beats underneath it. That’s where my heart is.

Student Life: You also learned how to produce your own music. Are you doing that for your upcoming album as well?
Skylar Grey: Yeah, I always do my own vocals, pretty much. Not always, but a lot of times. I was kind of forced to learn how to produce my own music because, for a while, I couldn’t afford studio time. So, I had a little studio set up and was able to do it myself. I wrote “Love The Way You Lie” in my s—ty studio, and that was a huge hit, so I really think it’s not what you have but what you do with it. You can have a s—ty camera but if you have a good eye and find the best shot—you know what I mean? Or you can be the dude that buys the most expensive gear but still has s—ty photos….”

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Skylar Grey CMLXII :: ‘Moving Mountains’ Interview w/ Neelu Mohaghegh – Verge Campus, 23-APR-2016

“….I’m really proud of it, it’s one of my most poignant lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s been really fun explaining it to people and playing it for people and seeing their reactions to it….”

Following up her 2015 interview with Boston University‘s Verge Campus publication, Ms. Grey once again chatted with Editor-in-Chief Neelu Mohaghegh about where she currently stands in her musical pursuits, touring with Atlas Genius, and advice she would give aspiring artists.

A selection from the interview is available below, and you may click the Verge Campus logo underneath to view the complete article!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Neelu Mohaghegh | Verge Campus ::
“….she explained this transition back to the real Skylar Grey comes from a “grown-up place.” She has been hard at work, re-indentifying, clarifying, and being herself after facing some cases of depression over the past year and a half, but she has bounced back bigger and stronger than ever. She now displays the purity and authenticity in her music.

Her song “Moving Mountains” is about just stopping to smell the roses, to “elevate your mood,” and “be present.” She said it’s about people being able to:

“Appreciate the beauty of a flower, or a mountain, or anything…so no matter what’s in your life, that is negative, no matter what’s going on in my career, if I get rejected in the industry, I can still be happy. I should still appreciate everything around me. So that has been a really powerful message for me to learn…If my music moves someone emotionally, it’s a big compliment to me.”

She mentioned an amazing moment when a young girl came up to her once and told her how her music changed her life and kept her from committing suicide– truly amazing and moving.

Writing the music is a healing process itself, but to Skylar Grey, it is also putting it out there and letting it be heard by others to share that makes it worth while and cathartic.

She was extremely grateful to all of the opportunities she has had in the past writing music for huge music-industry names, but she feels that she has been given a second chance in the music world to really work on her own music that is meant for her to express herself and her voice.

Grey is all in, whatever opportunity comes her way that she feels passionate about, she will take!

Fortunately, this artist she has had a musically supportive family behind her aspirations. Her dad was in a barber shop quartet and her mom was an artist/musician. The two of them both understood her music, intuition, and desire to take music on as a career.

I then asked her what advice would she have for aspiring artists. Grey answered very confidently and surely that it is important to stay true to who you are because in the music industry a lot of people try to change you into something you are not. “The most successful artists have a unique sound, the most unique person you can be is yourself.”….”

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Skylar Grey CMLXI :: Atlas Genius’ Keith Jeffery Talks Grey w/ Chelsea Briggs – Hollywire, 18-APR-2016 | Video

Prior to their embarking on the current Skylar Grey x Atlas Genius Spring Tour, Keith Jeffery of Atlas Genius was interviewed by Chelsea Briggs of Hollywire!

That interview has now (April 18) been published – starting at the 3:58 mark, Jeffery touches on his expectations for their touring together.

Keith Jeffery Interview w/ Chelsea Briggs | Hollywire ::

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Skylar Grey CMLX :: ‘Beneath With Me V.3’ w/ deadmau5 & Kaskade – New Version | Stream

deadmau5 and Kaskade first teased their collaboration with Ms. Grey by posting two snippets in May of this past year (2015) – Kaskade now follows up those two shorter snippets by debuting a third, newer, 6-minute version of the song today (April 14) on his SoundCloud!

This version is dubbed “Beneath With Me V.3”, and may be streamed in full below.

Skylar Grey x deadmau5 x Kaskade – “Beneath With Me V.3” | SoundCloud ::

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Skylar Grey CMLIX :: ‘Moving Mountains’ – Reviews and Buzz

Now 10 days since the release (April 1) of Ms. Grey‘s latest song Moving Mountains (which she has stated as being one of her favourite songs that she’s written thus far), many positive reviews of the track and its accompanying visual have been rolling in!

Check out several excerpts from said reviews below, and click the article title links to read each piece in full.

Grey’s Riveting New Single | Popdust ::
“….Grey mines her folk roots on her brand new song Moving Mountains. Following last year’s Cannonball (featuring X Ambassadors), the new cut is ripped from the same sonic fabric and features minimal instruments and an unfettered vocal. When given such grounded lyrics and soul-shaking emotion, Grey shines the most….”

Grey Presents the Video for “Moving Mountains” | MusicShaker ::
“….after releasing the song “Cannonball” with X Ambassadors, she returns with “Moving Mountains”, a beautiful ballad. ….The music video for “Moving Mountains” is worthy of film credits…. We see mountains and snowy landscapes. Dip one last time in the heart of winter before moving to Spring….”

“Moving Mountains” – *Tibs Fav. | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….it’s flat out a beautiful song and visual combo as Skylar first gets introspective lyrically. ….I instantly caught myself reflecting at my life which doesn’t just happen when you listen to music that’s even aimed to do just this. Not sure if that’s Skylar’s intent because above all, “Moving Mountains” just feels like a strong, authentic, and personal release.

The visuals take the song to another level too as Skylar Grey literally moves up the mountains, amidst some deep, clean white snow. They smartly grab some incredible wide, overhanging shots that showcase the true beauty of nature. These shots are (also smartly) contrasted with Skylar playing the guitar in front of a fireplace and that’s the perfect mood and setting for this song too. Watch….you’ll be in from the very first chords like I was….”

Moving Mountains | auspOp ::
“….the thing we like most about ‘Moving Mountains’ is that it peels away all of the expensive production and electronic trickery of the past, and exposes Skylar’s strengths as both a performer and songwriter….”

New Single | Magic Music Magazine ::
“….“Moving Mountains” is a very impressive, touchy ballad….”

Moving Mountains by Skylar Grey | Beebee ::
“….Grey is here to make you feel nostalgic for winter, sitting by the fire and hot steamy nights.

….It is a great guitar ballad with a haunting melody. ….It is a song that touches themes like ambition, sacrifice, love, desperation and self-esteem.

….Take a look at the stunning visuals and enjoy the beautiful ballad….”

10 Best New Songs of the Week | Celebuzz ::
“….a softer and more folky Skylar Grey is featured on her new song “Moving Mountains. The track features minimal instruments and bare vocals which showcase Grey at her very best….”

#MusicMonday | PopWrapped ::
“….taking a step back from the endless pressure to prove herself after her massive success writing for the likes of Eminem and Rihanna in recent years, “Moving Mountains” is a heartfelt effort to allow nature to drive her passions. Grey’s vocals resonate with warmth over the simple instrumentation, and you can almost feel the pressure of reality fading away as the winds drive her to new heights….”

Grey Put Things Into Perspective | Jon ALi Blog ::
“….feeling stressed? Overworked? Oversexed? Let Skylar Grey put things into perspective for you.

….the talented singer-songwriter returns to us with “Moving Mountains, a somber guitar-driven ballad about “finding your happiness” through all the craziness in your life.

….It’s one of those songs I think any of us hard-working, career-driven folks can relate to. Like Skylar, I’m sure many or your aspirations in life are to be heard and successful but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness – It’s okay to just take a break y’all….”

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Skylar Grey CMLVIII :: Interview w/ Piet Levy – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7-APR-2016

“….“I’ve lived in all these different states and worked in other cities, but Wisconsin will always be with me.”….”

In preparation for her live show with Atlas Genius this coming Saturday (April 9) at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ms. Grey provided an interview to Piet Levy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In this interview she discusses finding happiness (including how that relates to her new song Moving Mountains), the production on her upcoming album, and her love for Wisconsin.

Check out an excerpt below, and click the Journal Sentinel logo beneath to read the feature in its entirety!

Skylar Grey Interview | Journal Sentinel ::
“….often it’s Grey’s bruised emotions, expressed through dark lyrics, that have been her signature. Here, though, she’s letting go of the pain. The cleansing is cathartic and compelling.

“Mountains” is expected to be on Grey’s next album, anticipated this year, which she said is 95% done. That was one of her other recent epiphanies, too, that she needed to be picky about her collaborations and just work on music she’s passionate about.

She paired up with Alex da Kid again, who produced “Lie” and Grey’s last album, and Mike Elizondo, whose songwriting and production credits cover everyone from Eminem to Fiona Apple to Maroon 5.

Grey said she writes songs after receiving beats producers send her. But this time, “we got to work together in the studio and would just jam out on the music and basically develop beats from scratch. It was refreshing to not be inside a computer the whole time.”

S1, who produced Kanye West’s “Power” and Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had, also worked on two of Grey’s favorite tracks on her next album, “Lemonade” and “Picture Perfect. Eminem produced a couple songs as well.

On the Atlas Genius tour, Grey is largely introducing new songs. “I’m kind of feeling it out,” she said. “I think that the best way to tell if a song’s good is from the reaction.”

On Saturday, she’s guaranteed to get a good reaction from her Wisconsin family and friends in the crowd for her first Milwaukee concert in three years.

“I’m so excited,” Grey said. “It’s nice to stay in touch with your roots.”….”

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