Skylar Grey MLXVI :: Annual Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular Under the Stars – Black Carpet, 9-SEP-2017 | Photo+Video

Ms. Grey was photographed over the weekend (September 9) walking the black carpet in attendance at the Annual Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular Under the Stars in Beverly Hills.

Check out a shot by Greg Doherty below, as well as a black carpet arrival video from MaximoTV!

Skylar Grey @ Brent Shapiro Foundation Summer Spectacular ::
WEARING :: Michelle Mason (Pre-Fall 2017)
HAIR :: Kristin Heitkotter
MAKE-UP :: Carissa Ferreri

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Skylar Grey MLXV :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – Do Parents Know Modern Music? Episode | Video

After dedicating an episode of their Elders React series to Glorious, Fine Brothers Entertainment has now also featured the Skylar Grey x Macklemore collaboration in their latest episode of Do Parents Know Modern Music? (part of FBE‘s larger Do They Know It? series) where a group of parents each individually listen to selections of modern music in order to see if they can recognize the artists and/or song titles!

Also featured in the episode is a song by the late Chester Bennington, whom Ms. Grey dedicated a post to this past July.

Watch the 11-minute episode via YouTube below.

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Do Parents Know Modern Music? ::

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Skylar Grey MLXIV :: Féria x InStyle Magazine – Skylar Grey x L’Oréal Paris Collaboration | Photos+Video

“….I think all colors have a purpose in this world….”
– Skylar Grey, InStyle Magazine

Ms. Grey has teamed up with L’Oréal ParisFéria for a second time, following up her episode of Féria Color Profiles in August of this past year (2016).

This time you can check out a new video, photo set, and article via InStyle Magazine! View the video and photo set below, click any of the photos (by Robin Harper) to access the online article, and pick up InStyle Magazine: The Fashion Issue (September 2017 issue) to add a physical edition of the feature to your collection!

Skylar Grey x L’Oréal Paris x Féria | InStyle Magazine ::
HAIR :: Bradley Irion x Féria in Icy Blonde
MAKE-UP :: Brian Duprey
STYLIST :: Jacqueline Snow

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Skylar Grey MLXIII :: Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Under 30 Summit Music Festival in Boston, 1-OCT-2017 | Press Release+Flyer

Along with being hand-chosen to help pick who will make their 30 Under 30 list in the music category this year, Ms. Grey has also been asked by Forbes to perform live at their Under 30 Summit‘s Music Festival on October 1 in Boston!

Also performing will be Clarity collaborator Zedd and Playboi Carti – click the event flyer below to read the full press release via Forbes!

Skylar Grey @ Under 30 Summit Music Festival | Forbes ::

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Skylar Grey MLXII :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – Billboard Hot 100 Interview | Photo

“….I think the world always needs an uplifting, fun song to forget their worries and dance to….it might be the happiest song out there right now….”
– Skylar Grey, Billboard

Ms. Grey‘s collaboration Glorious with Macklemore has been inspiring, uplifting, and climbing the charts across the world since its release. Billboard‘s Taylor Weatherby decided to have a chat with Ms. Grey about the song and what it means to both her and Macklemore in a new Billboard Hot 100 interview!

Check out a few excerpts below, and click the photo (by Elliott Taylor) to read the lengthy write-up in full!

Also pick up a copy of the latest physical issue of Billboard (Vol. 129, Issue #20) for a shortened version of this article to add to your collection.

Skylar Grey Talks “Glorious” | Billboard Hot 100 Interview ::
“….How did you and Macklemore end up collaborating on “Glorious”?
I had met Macklemore a few years ago when we did a show together, but we had never worked together. I think he heard a song that I had worked on for
Fast and Furious — it was called “The Good Life, with Kehlani and G-Eazy — and the story I heard, anyways, is that he heard that song and he was like “Who wrote that? I wanna work with whoever that is.” And so then we were linked up and I was very excited, because ever since I’d met him previously I’d wanted to work together and it just didn’t happen, so this was the opportunity. And when we got together, it just kind of happened really fast.

How did you approach writing the chorus with what he already had in place verse-wise?
When I do songwriting with people, a lot of the session is just a conversation, almost like therapy. With Ben [Macklemore’s real first name], it wasn’t that long of a therapy session. I just kind of wanted to feel out where he was in his life, career and mental state, and what he wanted to actually say in the song. And I happened to be in the same place, so it worked out.

I didn’t write the song with myself in mind as a vocalist. I was thinking, you know, “this is kind of gospel-sounding, it’d be dope to have like a gospel singer on it,” and I kind of wrote a little bit out of my range vocally. But it was just funny because a month later [Macklemore] hit me up and was like, “I want you to stay on the song.” They liked the fact that my voice wasn’t gospel, so it made it less expected with that type of melody, I guess. So I ended up staying on the song, and I had to practice a lot, playing it, to be able to perform it live — but I figured out how to do it.

It’s very rare that I write something thinking somebody else is going to be on it, and then I end up on it. Usually it’s kind of the opposite, I write a song and I think I’m gonna sing it, and then somebody else takes it from me [Laughs].

One place your voice seems to really work is in rap — do you think that’s where you fit best, at least in terms of collaborations?
[Fort Minor’s]
“Where’d You Go” was the first rap song I was ever part of [credited as Holly Brook]. I kind of fell into it. It’s just weird because, then when I wrote ‘Love The Way You Lie’ years later, it had nothing to do with that — it wasn’t like working with Mike Shinoda was a springboard for me working with rappers. So I don’t know what the universe was thinking and why I keep getting put in the room with rappers. I really like it though, I think it’s great because it’s such a contrast between what I do and what they do. It kind of like makes the hardcore like rap style a little bit more vulnerable, to have like a soft, pretty part of a song.

So now that you’ve worked with the likes of Eminem, Big Sean and Macklemore, ideally, who’s next?
I think my dream person to work with would be Kendrick Lamar, as far as like rappers go. I think it’d be pretty fun….”

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Skylar Grey MLXI :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – GEMINI Album Trailer | Video

For the upcoming (September 22) release of his album GEMINI, Macklemore has released an album trailer via his official Facebook page. The trailer includes clips of his working with various different artists in the studio creating their tracks for the album, including clips of Ms. Grey and Macklemore creating their hit “Glorious”!

Check out the 2-minute album trailer below, and click the album artwork to pre-order a digital copy of the album (featuring “Glorious” as track #2)!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore | GEMINI Trailer+Pre-Order ::

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Skylar Grey MLX :: Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Music Judge for Class of 2018

The nominations are open for Forbes30 Under 30 Class of 2018.

Ms. Grey was previously hand-chosen to be included in Forbes30 Under 30 in 2012, and this year will serve as one of the judges to hand-pick what artists will be included in 2018’s music category!

Click the 30 Under 30 cover from last year (2017) below to read the article by Forbes senior editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg.

Skylar Grey – Music Judge | Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 ::

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Skylar Grey MLIX :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – GEMINI Album Pre-Order x Elders React Episode | Pre-Order+Video

Macklemore is set to release his new album GEMINI on September 22, with his Skylar Grey collaboration “Glorious” appearing as track #2 of the 16-track standard release. Click the album art below to get your album pre-order (+an instant download of “Glorious”)!

Fine Brothers Entertainment also released an episode of their Elders React series this past month (July 20) featuring their guest elder reactors reacting to the official “Glorious” music video – check it out via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey x Mackleore | Gemini x Elders React ::

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Skylar Grey MLVIII :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – Interviews x Live Performance on Good Morning America | Video

Ms. Grey and Macklemore performed their hit collaboration Glorious earlier today (August 10) in Times Square in New York City for Good Morning America!

First check out a pre-performance backstage Facebook interview by Good Morning America‘s Rob Marciano (which includes Ms. Grey and Macklemore sharing how easy it was for them to come up with “Glorious”) below (running from the 4:00 mark until the end of the video), secondly view the on-air interview with Macklemore talking about “Glorious” and its accompanying music video featuring his Grandmother Helen Schott via YouTube, and then finally click the logo located underneath to watch their full live performance via GMA‘s official website!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Good Morning America ::

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Skylar Grey MLVII :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – Live on Good Morning America, Airing 10-AUG-2017 | Photo

Ms. Grey will be appearing alongside Macklemore tomorrow (August 10) on Good Morning America to perform Glorious live!

This performance comes after the pair’s rising hit has broken into (and is currently climbing) the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, and has additionally just been certified Gold by the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) for moving 35,000 copies in Australia.

Check out the GMA live performance on ABC tomorrow (August 10) morning – check your local listings!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Good Morning America ::

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