Prior to the MTV Video Music Awards premiere last night (12-SEP-2010), it was unknown in exactly what form Skylar Grey‘s hook for “Love The Way You Lie” would appear. While it was reported that LTWYL would be performed at the 2010 VMAs, it was also reported that Rihanna wouldn’t be on hand to perform the track with Eminem, due to commitments to filming her acting debut in the Peter Berg directed flick Battleship.

There were any number of possible collaborators available at the awards show, but no reports on who might be taking Rihanna’s place for the performance.
It was only after Eminem actually started performing live that Rihanna made her surprise appearance on stage and performed the duet along with Eminem.

Check out the performances of “Not Afraid“/”Love The Way You Lie” below ::

Meanwhile, Ms. Grey is still hard at work on various top secret projects.
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