Today posted up an interview that they did with Rihanna, within which she spoke on the challenge of making a sequel to “Love The Way You Lie“, and how Alex Da Kid had to talk her into it.

A selection from the MTV article
So what made her change her mind? It’s all due to the tireless trial-and-error work of producer Alex Da Kid, who not only crafted the original version of the song, but tinkered at length on “Part II,” eventually coming up with an updated take on the track that had Rihanna’s head spinning.
Rihanna stated ::
That was the challenge: How do you compete with ‘Love the Way You Lie‘ part one? The original, it was so massive, so it’s hard to do a version that’s kind of like that, but Alex, he changed the drums up and surprised me once again. … I love it.

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Remember that Rihanna’s album LOUD drops on Nov. 16th (in one week), and the iTunes Version will exclusively contain a Part III to “Love The Way You Lie” which features Ms. Skylar Grey on piano, as well as serving as co-producer.

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