Along with being featured on many major editorials and websites, many new fans and independent blogs have also been sharing their thoughts on Ms. Grey (both for her live GRAMMY performance of “I Need A Doctor”, and the Detox album single itself) via their own websites. Check out the snippets below to see what they’ve said, and click the links to read their full articles.

Skylar Grey Blog Feedback ::

“following between each verse is skylar grey’s haunting hooks/choruses …. i see big things in the future for her …. it’s about time she gets the recognition for her talent and insanely hypnotizing voice.”

“The third best performance of the night had to go to Rihanna, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Skylar Grey (who I’d never heard before but was really great!) …. Grey’s vocals were easily on par with Rihanna’s”

SwagBucks Blog
“The most interesting discovery for me on this list was Skylar Grey, an artist whose recent Grammy performance was hidden in the shadows….”

Suite 101
“Ms. Grey is quickly gaining notoriety for her sweet, beautiful voice and far reaching vocal range. In “I Need a Doctor” she provides a soulful chorus, which contrasts nicely with the rappers’ verses.”

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