After the world-premiere of “Invisible” (the first official single from Invinsible) yesterday, the online music community took to posting their thoughts on the track, and how it compares to “Dance Without You”. Check out a few of the reviews below!

Rap-Up – New Music ::
“….she’s penned hits for megastars such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Diddy, but Skylar Grey still feels “Invisible” on the first single from herKIDinaKORNER/Interscope debut Invinsible, coming this fall. Produced by Alex Da Kid and co-written by Skylar and Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas, the darkmidtempo is for anyone who’s ever felt overlooked….”

PopCrush – “Invisible” Song Review ::
“….thanks to her head-turning, raven-haired good looks and her voice, which is equally honeyed and icy, Grey is more than just a blip on our radar. However, her song is an ode to feeling alone in a crowded room and feeling like no one can see the real you. The song addresses the notion of image, and the battle between the real you vs. the you that people see. It’s weighty subject matter encased in a pop song….Kudos to Grey for saving a hook for herself instead of being a selfless songwriter and passing it off to another pop artist to perform! She deserves it….”

GlobalGrind – Grey Is Far From “Invisible” ::
“….Grey has done it again, this time with the first single “Invisible”….a simple, yet powerful beat lets us clearly hear Skylar’s cry for well-deserved attention….Give your ears a treat and check out Skylar’s single “Invisible”….”

AOL’s The Boombox – Grey Stands Out ::
“….Skylar lays her airy vocals over the mid-tempo beat in this teen angsty song about going on unnoticed and ignored….”

Also check out part of a feature interview with Ms. Grey conducted by SPIN Magazine – view the full feature by clicking the following photo.

Skylar Grey – The Changeling | SPIN ::
“….when her as-yet-untitled debut arrives in early fall, it’ll likely do more business in its first week than Holly Brook’s album has in five years. That notion makes Grey smile. Not because she’s gloating, but because she and Holly Brook are one, if not the same. “I’m proud of the music I used to make….but I was capable of things that I couldn’t do while I was her….I wasn’t smart,” she says. “I made this quiet album after being on a pop radio hit. I didn’t know how to be authentic and sound pop. But before I could, I had to fix a lot about myself….

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