ARTISTdirect (who awarded “Dance Without You” 5 out of 5 stars) recently shot a video interview with Ms. Grey, talking about the theme of her upcoming record Invinsible, why she named it that, and how it relates to the controversial 1978 psychological war film The Deer Hunter. Read an excerpt from the article below, and click its title to access the full article and video interview!

Skylar Grey – Video Interview+Article | ARTISTdirect ::
“….Grey haunts and hypnotizes on her debut album, Invinsible. Grey’s unique, ethereal croon makes for dark pop that transfixes on every hook and hum. She’s the alternative to absolutely everything out there and, in the process, she might just save modern music. Think of a mix between Portishead’s spacey genius and Fiona Apple’s soulful sonic caress, and you’ve got Skylar Grey. However, she’s even more than the sum of those part….Grey is about to change music (and the world)….”

Adam Lambert has also given Ms. Grey’s “Dance Without You” praise via his Twitter account, stating “….Skylar Grey- Dance Without You. SOOOO fresh!!….”. Examiner’s Boston Celebrity Headlines writer Maria Parece wrote an article regarding the Twitter post, which you can read below.

Grey Receives Praise From Lambert | Examiner ::
“….Adam Lambert had kind words to say about Skylar Grey’s “Dance Without You” on Monday….Adam Lambert’s endorsement of Skylar Grey’s first promotional buzz single is certain to broaden the rising star’s audience. Although she has already been nominated for a Grammy, the publicity related to Lambert’s high opinion of her work can help bring her even more success….”

There also currently three live performances scheduled for July (in Pamona, San Francisco, and San Diego, California), prior to Ms. Grey’s big Lollapalooza performance in August. You can view the full list of performances on the official Skylar Grey Facebook by clicking the following photo.

Skylar Grey – Live Performances List | Facebook ::

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