Alex Da Kid, producer of Ms. Grey‘s upcoming INVINSIBLE album and founder of the KIDinaKORNER record label, has asked that Skylar Grey fans take and record a video of them creatively utilizing Dance Without You – then upload the video to YouTube and tweet it to @KIDinaKORNER. Alex will then showcase his favorite videos on the Official KIDinaKORNER Website Fan-Page!

Read what Alex said below, and then check out the first two video submissions.

Official Fan-Page | KIDinaKORNER ::
The fan page was created to showcase individuals that wanted to express themselves artistically over music released by the KIDinaKORNER record label. Ideas for videos might include singing a cover, pictorial montages, dance routines, barber shop quartets, hula hooping, etc. The more outrageous the better!

Every week we will release our favorite new video!

Send your video YouTube links to @KIDinaKORNER on twitter. Make sure to include your facebook and twitter link to your profile.

My First Hooping Video! by MissionLose70LB | YouTube ::

“Dance Without You” Cover by LondonAlexis09 | YouTube ::

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