Ms. Grey‘s July 9 rendition of her solo version of “Coming Home” for the Dalai Lama in Washington, DC has been getting positive feedback, including some from Marcia McIntyre, who performed violin live during the performance – check out what she has to say about working with Ms. Grey, as well as what CBS News, NY Daily News, Pop2it, and PopCrush have to say about the performance.

Marcia McIntyre, Violinist ::
“I was the first violinist in the quartet backing Ms. Skylar Grey at the peace event on July 9th. Quite simply, this day will forever remain a highlight of my life. “Coming Home” is an absolutely breath-taking song, the arrangement by Simon Hale was so tastefully written and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a professional as Skylar Grey…..thank you, thank you, thank you.”

CBS News – Grey Performs for the Dalai Lama ::
“….Grey’s performance in Washington on Saturday had a notable special guest in the audience – the Dalai Lama….the singer-songwriter performed for the Tibetan spiritual leader as part of the Kalachakra for World Peace event held on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol….Grey sang a new version of “Coming Home, the hit she co-wrote for Diddy-Dirty Money….”

NY Daily News – Grey Performs “I’m Coming Home” ::
“….Grey got the opportunity of a lifetime on Saturday: she sang in front of the Dalai Lama….the singer — best known for lending her vocals to Diddy Dirty Money’s “I’m Coming Home” — performed a new version of the hit song at the Kalachakra for World Peace event held in Washington, D.C., which drew 20,000 people to the West Lawn of the Capitol….”

PopCrush – Grey Sings for the Dalai Lama ::
“….in her relatively short career, singer-songwriter Skylar Grey has performed with Eminem, Diddy-Dirty Money and Lupe Fiasco. But singing for the Dalai Lama has to be on the top of her “Wow, I Can’t Believe It” list….the ‘Dance Without You’ singer performed….as part of the Kalachakra for World Peace on the West Lawn of the US Capitol. Grey sung a new version of Diddy-Dirty Money’s ‘Coming Home, a song she originally penned, in tribute to the Tibetan spiritual leader….”

Pop2it – Grey Performs for the Dalai Lama in DC ::
“….if the Dalai Lama had an iPod, we can’t imagine it would include anything from Diddy Dirty Money, but that didn’t stop the Kalachakra for World Peace event from tapping “I’m Coming Home” vocalist Skylar Grey from singing for his holiness during his recent visit to Washington, DC….the Washington Post reports 20,000 people turned out to the event at the National Mall, which saw Whoopi Golberg emcee, the Dalai Lama speak and Grey singing her popular tune. Quite the honor for an artist whose first solo album hasn’t even been released yet….”

Zimbio has also posted some higher-quality versions of pictures from the event, which you can view below.

Skylar Grey @ the World Peace Event, July 9 | Zimbio ::

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