Martin Hardee, an avid concert-goer who attended Ms. Grey‘s July 28 debut live performance at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, has uploaded another video that he captured at the performance to his YouTube channel – this time the footage is of the Skylar Grey buzz single “Dance Without You”!

“Dance Without You” Live @ The Rickshaw Stop, July 28 | YouTube ::

Hardee has also written an in-depth review of the experience (including pictures), which he has posted on his Tumblr account – read part of the review below, and click the photo of the setlist to access the full article.

Martin Hardee – zOMG Skylar Grey Live!! | Lines Overlapping ::
“….Skylar Grey at the Rickshaw stop in San Francisco was easily the most amazing musical event of the season. I say that having seen probably fifty bands this spring and summer, and passionately enjoying most of them. But Skylar and her music were memserising and surreal and on another plane….the set list at the Rickshaw was over before we knew it, but every note was magical, and it was a marvelous journey….”

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