You may now stream and/or download the 5-minute+ audio interview with Ms. Grey (including a snippet of “Final Warning”) within the NPR article by clicking the original link below!

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Neda Ulaby recently interviewed Ms. Grey for NPR’s The Record with Ann Powers and All Things Considered – the audio from the interview will be made available online at 7:00 PM Eastern Time today (December 26). In the meantime you can read an excerpt from Ulaby’s article regarding the interview (including comments from Duncan Sheik) below, and read it in full (with additional comments from Alex Da Kid) by clicking the title.

Skylar Grey – All Things Considered | NPR ::
“….Grey is a new name and a new persona for a young, bruised music industry veteran. Until recently, she was someone named Holly Brook. She started recording childrens’ music professionally with her mother in Wisconsin when she was only six years old.

“I learned a lot singing with my mom,” she says. “It gave me an advantage, I think, as an artist to have that under my belt — three albums by the time I was 15.”

….Brook got signed to a major label when she was still a strong-willed teenager who found herself dumped by Warner Brothers by the time her solo album came out. She supported herself singing backup for musicians like Duncan Sheik, who composed the musical Spring Awakening. He cast her in other musicals in development, including one called Whisper House.

“She doesn’t have this big voice,” Sheik says on the phone from his New York apartment. “It’s actually quite small and quiet. But it’s very perfect and beautiful and her pitch is immaculate.”

….Brook decided she needed to leave the business in order to reinvent herself. She moved to a remote cabin in Oregon. She lived there without heat for a year, she says, chopping wood and foraging.

“I was fearless,” she says firmly. “And it was the first time in my life I ever felt like myself, finally — like nobody else could control me.”….”

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