Now just two weeks away from its January 17 release date, the upcoming digital EP The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey has been getting a lot of online buzz, due to the audio streams of the tracks “Words” and “Coming Home Pt. II” being released by Ms. Grey herself over the holiday season.

Check out some excerpts from several different sites below, including Soul Culture, HipHopDX, POP On And On, and StupidDope.

Must Listen: Original Versions | POP On And On ::
“….Grey is such an underrated force in POP, penning hits like “Love The Way You Lie”, “I Need A Doctor”, and her own incredible single “Invisible”, Grey has proved herself worlds over in the industry.

2 new leaks have surfaced in which the hooks were used for other people’s hits including the Diddy single “Coming Home” and the Lupe Fiasco collaboration ”Words”. These full versions display the true capacity of Skylar’s brilliance. Her dark yet infectious melodies stem from such an honest and gloomy place that is rarely seen in mainstream POP, I would much rather hear her versions on the radio….”

“Words” + “Coming Home Part II” | StupidDope ::
“….Grey has been one of the most influential singer / songwriters of the industry for the last few years, and now it is her turn to shine.  She has been featured on many major artists’ songs including Diddy Dirty Money, Lupe Fiasco, and Dr. Dre.  She just released two new videos that show the original ‘underground’ songs from Grey herself and will give fans a new perspective on the songs they already love…..”

Grey To Release EP | HipHopDX ::
“….Grey has written a number of the past several years’ biggest hits, and now fans will get an opportunity to hear her take on them….”

“Coming Home Pt. II” & “Words” | Eargazzm ::
“….due to popular demand the songstress behind some of the greatest hits of this year and last has decided to release the original solo versions of these tracks as an EP….”

“Coming Home Part. II” | Details Of My Life ::
“….earlier in the year Diddy-Dirty Money released their pretty popular single Coming Home, which enlisted the talents of Skylar Grey who wrote the incredibly catchy hook and also sung the intro….her contribution was significant enough to make it listenable. People have been crying out for her to create an extended version of Coming Home, the same way that she did with Love The Way You Lie, and thankfully she has….”

New Music | Soul Culture ::
“….taken from the young singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist’s forthcoming The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey project is this amazing version of Lupe Fiasco’s smash hit single “Words I Never Said” which she originally co-wrote and featured on. For Christmas, Skylar unveils this version of the track simply entitled “Words” and delivers some brand new verses over a stripped back instrumental written & produced by Skylar Grey. Give it a listen….”

“Coming Home Pt. II” x “Words” | Gowhere Hip-Hop ::
“….we’re really in for a holiday treat with these two audio streams from Skylar Grey….first, she releases a full solo version of “Coming Home Pt. II” – same awesome hook, new original verses, and a seemingly freestyled outro extension of the chorus to conclude. She adds: “This song goes out to all of the soldiers that are finally home and to everyone who is with their loved ones on the holidays.” Awesome. And then below is “Words”, which is… you guessed it… a solo version featuring her chorus from “Words I Never Said”. Very interesting to hear her original spin on the song after Lu’s iconic rhymes with it as Skylar says, “Originally, I wrote this song about my grandfather who passed away before I had a chance to say goodbye. Tell somebody you love them today.” Again, Skylar kills it with touching lyrics and wonderful vocals so definitely give these two a press of the play button….”

Skylar Grey – “Words” | BarrelHouse BKLYN ::
“….from the young singer, songwriter’s forthcoming The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey project is an amazing version of Lupe Fiasco’s hit single “Words I Never Said” which she originally co-wrote and featured on….”

Grey To Release New EP | ThisGoesIn ::
“….while Skylar Grey’s hooks dominated much of 2010 and early 2011, she has been laying relatively low in preparation for her debut LP Invinsible, coming in 2012. However, Rap-Up reported an exclusive that by popular demand, she’s releasing solo versions of some of the hooks she has graced in the form of The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey EP….Definitely a great concept for an EP to generate some buzz for upcoming album. It’s refreshing to hear the full versions of songs that just had the hooks dissected for radio play. Maybe she’ll even be able to record a visual….”

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