With the New Year having come in over the weekend, Kasakde released his New Year’s Eve Playlist to People Magazine, who posted the full list on their official website. Kaskade included his remix of the current Skylar Grey single “Invisible” in the list, along with a few notes about the track.

Check out the following notes on the playlist and the track, and click below to view the entire article and playlist.

Kaskade’s New Year’s Eve Playlist | People ::
As the Illinois native prepares to embark on 2012, which he hopes includes “touring the globe and writing another album,” he reflects on New Year’s Eve’s past, and hopes that this is able to top when he performed three shows in three major cities on the same night.

Taking a moment to share ten of his favorite new songs with PEOPLE.com readers, Raddon is letting you know what to expect to hear from him on the year’s biggest night:

“Invisible (Kaskade Remix),” Skylar Grey: “A heavy growling bass with the voice of an angel, this makes for great music to move to.”

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