Now only one week away from its January 17 release, you can check out more new buzz surrounding the upcoming Skylar Grey EP release The Buried Sessions! Read a few excerpts below, and click their titles to view each excerpt’s respective full-length article.

Skylar Grey – Coming Home Pt II | In My Head ::
“….Skylar Grey, one of the few remaining “true” singers….”

Grey’s Upcoming Release | College DJ ::
“….preface: If you haven’t heard Skylar Grey‘s “Dance Without You”, that’s a good introduction to this woman on the rise.

She has been responsible for Eminem‘s “Love The Way You Lie”, Lupe Fiasco‘s “Words I Never Said” as well as some other pop gems. Although her full-length solo-album, Invinsible, will have to wait, fans can satiate their appetites with an EP called The Buried Sessions EP, which will include Grey’s own versions of the aforementioned tunes….”

(R&B) Skylar Grey | Playback Music ::
“….I think this song needs a single post for how good it actually is….and if most of you don’t know, her hook was used in one of Lupe Fiasco‘s best songs on his album. I cant believe how amazing this song actually is, it really hits hard. Skylar Grey needs so much more recognition for her good work….”

“Buried Sessions” EP Info | Eargazzm ::
“….never thought I’d be excited for a mere EP. But then again this is no ordinary EP….”

Grey Unearths Her Demos | SoulCulture ::
“….having won us thoroughly over with tracks like “Words” [her version of the Lupe Fiasco hit single “Words I Never Said, which she originally co-wrote], Wisconsin-born singer/songwriter Skylar Grey is set to highlight her collaborative writing with the release of upcoming EP The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey on January 17th….”

Grey Reveals “The Buried Sessions” | GlobalGrind ::
“….Grey is coming home and she’s coming into the new year with new music.

Skylar’s been busy in the studio working on new music and readying her breakout album, but to ease the wait she’s releasing The Buried Sessions Of Skylar Grey….”

Grey To Release EP | PopCrush ::
“….Grey was recently featured as part of NPR’s year-end roundup of people who had a great 2011, and for very good reason: even though she might not be a household name (yet), Grey has co-written a passel of big hits for artists such as Eminem, Kaskade, and Lupe Fiasco. Although her full-length debut is still waiting for a release date, Grey is kicking off 2012 with a brand new EP….”

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