Sam Lansky (writer for The Huffington Post, PopCrush, and MTV Buzzworthy) has published an article covering Ms. Grey, whom Lansky calls “….one of the most promising artists in the game….”.

Read the intro to his article below, and click the title to view it in full!

Grey Writes Your Favorite Rap Songs | MTV Buzzworthy ::
“….hey Pop Think-ers! I’m Sam Lansky, and my favorite part of any rap song is the part where a female singer belts out a catchy chorus. In my fervent study of the hip-hop hook, I’ve come across few songbirds as talented as Skylar Grey, the mysterious singer-songwriter who came into the public consciousness in 2010 singing the haunting melody on Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home” and penning monster hits such as “Love the Way You Lie” for Eminem and Rihanna before releasing her own debut single, the moodily gorgeous “Invisible.

Now, with the release of her new EP, The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey, Skylar is giving the public a taste of what chorus-conscious pop fans like myself have been craving: the original versions of three of her finest tracks, including “Coming Home” and “Words” (later re-imagined as “Words I Never Said” for Lupe Fiasco), as well as her stunning demo for “Love the Way You Lie. It’s an impressive showing from an artist who is better known for crunchy rap hooks than for her stripped-down acoustic balladry — and this week, I’m taking a look at how Skylar’s unparalleled versatility makes her one of the most promising artists in the game….”

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