Exclusive Interview with Skylar Grey:


Jay: First of all, thank you for choosing to do this exclusive interview with me.

Sky: My pleasure. You’ve been one of my greatest supporters and I appreciate that.


Jay: It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news from you. Where have you been?

Sky: I’m hiding! Go away! Haha. Nah, I’ve been sneaking around. Look at it this way: no news is good news!


Jay: Does that mean that you’ve been working on the album?

Sky: It’s been more like a creativity purification process, but as a result, yes.


Jay: What does that mean, exactly?

Sky: My creative instincts felt contaminated by timelines and expectations, therefore my album wasn’t getting the best out of me. My best work never feels like work, so when I start dreading going to the studio, I know I need to take a step back. I’ve been back to the woods a few times, been watching movies, brainstorming, and getting inspired by new people.


Jay:  As far as we last knew, the album was finished and coming out in January.  Do you have any idea when we might hear something new?  And have a lot of changes been made to the album?

Sky: There have been a lot of changes and new developments that I am really excited about, but it won’t be done until I am 100% confident in it. I’m just glad that I’m finally having more fun in and out of the studio.


Jay: That’s good to hear. So, was dying your hair blond part of this creative purification?

Sky: Probably. I’m the queen of change. Change wakes me up when I am lost in a dream. Plus, the dark hair with my fair skin automatically said “goth” which doesn’t fully represent me. I like to have fun in the sun, too. But fret not my evil children….my dark and fucked up side is inescapable, no matter what color my hair is.


Jay: Haha, I’m glad to hear it. I know you probably can’t give me any specifics, but are any more collaborations in the works, on or outside of your album?

Sky: Yes. Both.


Jay: Awesome. We’ll definitely be looking forward to all of that material then. Let’s take a few questions from the fans now.


I. Question from Gene H.: What is the most fun thing you do, aside from sleeping and making music?

Sky: Adventures!!!! The most fun I’ve had all year was when I took a solo road trip to a small town in the woods, and crashed a local party. There was a great live band, BBQ, a bon fire, stars in the sky, all the good stuff. Didn’t know a soul, but had some interesting conversations!


II. Question from Skoteh: What’s your favorite song off of your upcoming album?

Sky: The one I wrote last week.


III. Question from ItsNotGonnaBeMe: On ‘Buried Sessions’, the credits ‘production by Skylar Grey’ made me realize that there is a lack of female producers in mainstream music. Why do you think this is, and do you think it matters?

Sky: I don’t know why there aren’t more female producers. Maybe because engineering and production is like the manual labor or heavy lifting of music, and writing is 99% emotional. I made a point to learn everything I could about production because I was sick of having to depend on other people, wait for them, and be disappointed when they were unable to execute my visions. But I decided I preferred to focus on melodies and lyrics rather than snare drum sounds. However, having the ability to run Pro Tools, for example, really comes in handy when I don’t feel like explaining what I want. I’m just like, “move over, let me do it.” It instantly causes people to respect me in the studio, which is especially crucial being a female.


IV. Question from Lana Leticia Mesquita: What are some of the most striking memories from your childhood?

Sky: One of the most striking memories I have from childhood was from hunting with my dad. I used to walk the ridge for him to kick out the deer. One day, I kicked one right to him. With a single gunshot, I ran towards his deer stand and there it was….our kill lying in the blood-stained snow. It was the first time I felt responsible for the death of an animal and I completely lost my mind.


V. Question from Hannah Smith: What is the most precious item that you own?

Sky: Probably my car. Not that it’s anything special, but knowing that I can escape at any time is really important to me.


VI. Question from ItsNotGonnaBeMe: You moved to L.A. early in your career. Do you think moves to the bigger cities such as L.A. and New York are necessary for artists trying to get in to the music industry, especially with the power of the internet and considering that the “Love The Way You Lie” hook was written and recorded in a cabin in the woods?

Sky: It is true, so much can be done with the Internet these days. However, the business side of music is all built on relationships, and I would have never been able to get that song to Eminem had it not been for my 7-year-long relationship with my publisher in NY. But every case is different. Making a name for yourself locally and visiting the big cities may lead you to the relationships you need without ever having to move.


VII. Question from Hannah Smith: Can you name one song that you wish you wrote?

Sky: There are many. Definitely wish I wrote “Criminal” by Fiona Apple. I wish I wrote the American Beauty screenplay too.


VIII. Question from Chadbyrne R. Dickens: What influence did Duncan Sheik leave on your career?

Sky: He was like a mentor to me for a while. I learned so much from him. And playing in his band on tour gave me a healthy perspective of what its like to not be in the spotlight! Ha.


IX. Question from Ellie Potter: What’s the first song that you learnt on piano?

Sky: Besides “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Morning” by Edvard Grieg.


X. Question from Vanessa O: What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Sky: Spice Girls.


Jay: Thank you for your time and answering these questions for us. Is it safe to say that you won’t be hiding in the woods much longer?

Sky: Keep your eyes to the sky, I’ll be sending up flares when I am ready to come out.



Thus concludes my June 19, 2012 interview with Skylar Grey. A very heartfelt Thank You to Ms. Grey for this exclusive sit-down, and a special Thank You to you, the fans, that submitted questions!

 – Jay Sinkie

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