Eric Smith of Chicago Now‘s MoveYourBody blog has released a brand new interview with DJ/producer Kaskade – Kaskade talks about what he look for in a collaboration, and how important songwriting is to him.

He cites his work with Ms. Grey on their collaborative track Room for Happiness – check out a segment from the interview below, and click the title to read the interview in full.

Kaskade Talks Skylar Grey | Chicago Now ::
“….You also-work a lot with female vocalists…what keeps you centered on doing this compared to your competition?

When I moved to San Francisco-there were so many dudes with samplers cutting up old disco records-I felt I needed to get more into songwriting-honing those skills and then looking for great people who could get my words on the track giving me great performances.

So I’m always looking high and low for artists who can give me a great performance. It’s also really important to be able to work with other songwriters-who can bring new elements to my music making an even better recording.

Even for stuff where I co-wrote or didn’t write at all. Like I didn’t write the song “Room for Happiness”-which was written by Skylar Grey. She was very intriguing and an interesting songwriter. Not only was her vocal style special to what I do-what she’s writing about going on in her life right now works with my record. So it’s really important to be able to work with other songwriters….”

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