The Wall Street Journal has published a feature article on Ms. Grey, written by Senior Editorial Director Christopher John Farley.

The online edition of the WSJ is subscription-based, but the article has been made free-to-read for a limited time – check out an excerpt below, and click the photo to access the full-length article while it’s still available!

Skylar Grey by Christopher John Farley | The Wall Street Journal ::
“….Grey aims to make the most of her latest chance to make a first impression.

The singer-songwriter is set to release her debut album “Don’t Look Down” in the spring for KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records. Vivendi SA’s Interscope recently announced that chart-topping rapper Eminem will serve as the executive producer of the coming release, a move that is nearly certain to increase Ms. Grey’s commercial prospects….

“It’s really nice to have his eyes and ears there because I trust them, and I can bounce things off of him and know that I’m getting good feedback, Ms. Grey said in an interview….

Ms. Grey faces a challenge in her musical rebranding because her roots are in folk and pop, but the public knows her primarily as a vocalist who collaborates with rappers….

Ms. Grey said she isn’t concerned about whether or not people will think that her musical makeover is authentic. “I think only time will show people that, she said. “I think when people hear the whole album and live with it for awhile, they’ll realize there’s a real person in all of that”….”

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