With the music video (released December 11) now having so far reached 3.8 million views, being both one of VEVO‘s Top 4 Trending Videos today (December 14) and VEVO‘s 3 Hot This Week videos, Ms. Grey‘s current single C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem has been spreading all over the internet.

Check out VEVO‘s Hot This Week video, and read more of the buzz surrounding the single and video below!

Hot This Week | VEVO ::

Video: Skylar Grey | HipHop-N-More ::
“….Grey finally premieres the official video for her brand new single featuring Eminem. Skylar makes her seductive prowess to full use while Eminem returns to his Shady ways by covering Queen’s ‘Bicycle Ride‘. The catchy song is available on iTunes now….”

Grey Rides With Eminem | AceShowbiz ::
“….the rising music star teams up with the Detroit emcee in poking fun at the hyper-sexualized culture of today and releases this homage to Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’ video….what happens next is complete mayhem….”

Grey & Eminem Are Naughty | Zimbio ::
“….the clip is all over the place and focuses on Grey’s playful-sexual side with a little help from Eminem. She rocks a number of outfits and plays various roles all while riding different bicycles. Just take a look for yourself!….”

New Video: Skylar Grey | MissInfo.tv ::
“….welcome to the rural trailer park community of Detroit in “C’mon Let Me Ride, the new video from singer/songwriter Skylar Grey. Co-starring Eminem, the two artists welcome us into their on-screen daily wacky world on the back roads of Michigan….”

Grey Releases “C’mon Let Me Ride” | GossipCenter ::
“….taking aim at the hyper-sexualized culture of youth in America today, Skylar Grey has released a music video for her song….sarcasm comes through pretty song as the video shows a scene of her playing Dr. Grey, a shady plastic surgeon whose results are only slightly exaggerated from what can be seen around Hollywood.

Making sure that fans don’t take her seriously, Skylar adds, “There’s one scene in the music video where I’m dressed up in this pink polka-dot swimming suit with a pink background, pink nails, a pink bicycle with an ice-cream cone on the back of it and it’s totally girly — and not me at all. I think that’s clear, because that scene happens over the bridge of the song, where I say, ‘I’m only f—ing with you, and f— you for thinking it’s true, and that’s when I have the pink polka-dot thing on, so it’s saying, ‘This isn’t really me.….”

MUSIC VIDEO | Def Pen Radio ::
“….Grey and Eminem shoot a fun filled video for her new single C’mon Let Me Ride. Glad they both can come together and show their comical sides….”

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