Earmilk and social media site Wavo have collaborated to launch an exclusive series, featuring Top 10 lists by artists, as well as those that they consider top influencers of today. The series launch (March 7) features Ms. Grey – check out her Top 10 music chart for Wavo below, as well as the introduction to her feature, and click the title below to view Earmilk‘s exclusive and lengthy interview with her!

Influencer Series Launch – Chart+Interview | Earmilk+Wavo ::
“….Today we’re excited to launch a new series at Earmilk. We’re teaming up with Wavo, the social network for music, to feature top 10 charts from artists and influencers. Curators for the series are chosen based on their unique impact on modern music and culture.

Today we’re excited to launch with Skylar Grey, she may not be a household name yet but you’ve definitely heard her work — she’s actually one of the most influential women in pop music today. Grey is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is responsible for co-writing some of the top tracks of the past couple of years, lighting up the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes sales charts, and totaling more than 25 million singles globally. Grey co-wrote the biggest selling single of 2010: Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie, which earned her two GRAMMY Award nominations for Best Song and Best Rap Song of the Year. She also co-wrote and appeared on Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor, which she performed alongside Dre and Eminem on the 2011 Grammy Awards and for which she was nominated for two Grammys. Recently she just released a new single “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem the first single from her hotly anticipated debut album Don’t Look Down, due Spring 2013 from KIDinaKORNER/Interscope.  

For the inauguration of our new Chart series Skylar put together ten tracks that show off some of her inspiration. From Radiohead to Nirvana to Eminem it’s an awesome collection of anti-pop pop music that went mainstream in a huge way… Kind of similar to Skylar herself. We also thought it was incredibly classy that she didn’t slip in one of her own tracks, so we went ahead and did it for her… You can check out the video to “C’mon Let Me Ride” after the interview we did with Skylar below. So without further ado here is Skylar’s top ten! Don’t forget to check out the interview with this fascinating influencer and follow the chart on Wavo!….”

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