The music video for the brand new Skylar Grey single FINAL WARNING (directed by BREWER, and starring Ms. Grey, Noah Segan, Alona Tal, and Lennie Loftin) was released one week ago on May 13 – the video has since been reviewed by numerous blogs, and has also been made available for purchase on iTunes!

Check out several of the reviews below, and click the photo to view, purchase, and leave a review of the video on iTunes!

New Video: Skylar Grey | VIBE ::
“….love and family don’t always mix. When relationships become inappropriate and lines get crossed, there’s no telling what the outcome may be. In Skylar Grey’s “Final Warning” video, she comes clean only to be put through a near life ending ordeal. Watch closely….”

VIDEO | Dropout UK ::
“….Grey is back with her brand new song ‘Final Warning’ and it’s amazing… but hey it’s Skylar, what did you expect?! The writer of ‘Love The Way You Lie’ has only gone and written another emotive and thrilling balled ‘Final Warning’….and it’s shocking to say the least.

With Eminem as executive producer of her new album, ‘Don’t Look Down’, I think it’s safe to say we all need a copy of that when it drops on July 9th….”

PROS: Story, Dark, Great Song – 9 out of 10 | NX LVL Music ::
“….Grey released her newest single from her upcoming album, Don’t Look Down. This is an artist that I think will be around for along time just because she is very talented, in my eyes at least….”

[New Video] | Stuff Fly People Like ::
“….Grey delivers a profound visual….”

New Video | ::
“….sooner or later someone gets hurt when involved in an affair. Skylar Grey comes back from near death in “Final Warning, the dark cinmeatic visual in support of her upcoming debut album Don’t Look Down….”

SKYLAR GREY | DirectLyrics ::
“….Grey is one tough girl in the dark, and creepy music video….the video is amazing. It translates the message of the song really well. I feel too from watching this that Skylar could be a really good actress….”

“….Grey debuts the dark and cryptic video for “Final Warning.

The complex storyline shows a battered and bruised Skylar returning from near death. It appears as though she was having an affair with her sister’s boyfriend, but when she decided to come clean, he tried to kill her. But it’s Skylar who will have the last laugh….”

Skylar Grey – “Final Warning” | Under the Gun Review ::
“….do not ever mess with Skylar Grey.

Get ready for the tables to turn in this crazy music video.

Check out the catchy song and interesting visuals for the single….”

Final Warning | Singer’s Room Magazine ::
“….the video definitely works great with the record as the Wisconsin native goes back to her dark sound….”

FINAL WARNING Music Video | iTunes ($1.99) ::

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