The upcoming Skylar Grey debut album DON’T LOOK DOWN (which drops on July 9) has been selected by Rolling Stone magazine to be featured as one of The Season’s Must-Hear Albums in their newly-published Summer Music Preview feature!

Read their full comments on the upcoming record below, and click their logo to view the full list.

DON’T LOOK DOWN – Must-Hear Album | Rolling Stone ::
“….Skylar Grey’s second album Don’t Look Down, out July 9th via KidinaKorner and Interscope, has been a long time coming. In the years since her 2006 debut Like Blood Like Honey, Grey has honed her own material while also co-penning a handful of hit tunes for other artists, like Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie. So impressed with Grey, Em took the singer under his belt, acting as executive producer on Don’t Look Down and spitting on album cut “C’mon Let Me Ride, a bumping, grin-inducing pop number that that cops Queen’s “Bicycle Race. But it’s not all bubblegum fun for Grey: She showcases her continued knack for constructing gorgeous but grave tunes on her latest single “Final Warning.….”

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