In a recent interview with MTV Australia that was published today (June 3), rapper RiFF RAFF made mention of his “Drunk Girl” collaboration with Ms. Grey and Skrillex. The track is currently set to be released on RiFF RAFF‘s upcoming NEON iCON album, which will be released this coming August!

Check out that section of the interview below, and click its title to access to full interview on MTV Australia.

RiFF RAFF Interview | MTV Australia ::
“….MTV: Who have you worked with on the new record ‘Neon Icon’?

RiFF RAFF: A$AP Rocky, Drake, Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Action Bronson. I don’t want to leave any names out but I don’t want to reveal everybody. Wiz Khalifa, Mike Posner, TrapZillas and DollaBillGates. I’ve said enough names but there’s more too. It’s really crazy how many people are actually featured on this album.

MTV: What about Skrillex?

RiFF RAFF: You want to talk about me and Skrillex and Skylar Grey’s new song?

MTV: Sure do. 

RiFF RAFF: Yeah? Me and Skrillex have an album coming out. I mean we have a song coming out. Oh sh*t. That’s what I do when I speak too soon. I can’t tell you more than that. MTV exclusive!….”

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