In another interview with MTV (this time MTV Hive), RiFF RAFF once again gave some insight into his Skylar Grey and Skrillex studio collaboration, which will be released on RiFF RAFF‘s his August 2013 album NEON iCON!


RiFF RAFF Interview | MTV Hive ::
“….after the Raffster and his luxurious locks let the news slip to MTV Australia earlier this week, Hive tapped him up for more details on the rap-meets-EDM project we’re lovingly calling Rifflex. Speaking on the origin of the collaboration, he told us, “We have a crazy song that is Riff Raff, Skylar Grey and Skrillex, so once we did that song in 20 minutes for the Neon Icon album, once we did that the sky is the limit. We could make 100 songs a day. We will see when, where and how this will pan out.”….”

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