With Ms. Grey’s Gigg.com Rap Contest for her previous single FINAL WARNING kicking it into second-gear later today (June 18), the reviews of the music video for her follow-up single Wear Me Out, released just one week ago (June 11), have been racking up – check out a 10-review selection below!

“Wear Me Out” | MissInfo.TV ::
“….Grey lives out her romantic frustrations in the video to her soulful new single….”

Skylar Grey – Wear Me Out | stupidDOPE ::
“….the beautiful and incredibly talented, Skylar Grey, is back today with a new video for her incredibly dope new track “Wear Me Out”. The track is a smooth, addictive number in which Ms. Grey shows off her vocals in impressive fashion.

The video for “Wear Me Out” finds Skylar doing her thing in a dark shot clip as she plays the piano and speaks to her love interest. Dope clip….”

“….Grey shows her dark side once again in the video for “Wear Me Out”….the 27-year-old singer heads to the woods with her boyfriend, played by actor Noah Segan, who appeared in the videos for “C’mon Let Me Ride” and “Warning.

As the campfire roars, Skylar plays the piano and makes love to her man, but mystery and mischief lies in her eyes….”

“Wear Me Out” Video | JonALi ::
“….directed by Isaac Rentz, the clip sees the 27-year-old singer-songwriter ready to cause mischief with love her interest Noah Segan at a camp fire. Skylar seems like shes in her element in the visual….”

Grey Takes a Trip | Idolator ::
“….Grey takes a camping trip with her friends (and her boombox!) in the music video for her latest single “Wear Me Out. The clip hews closer to the chanteuse’s roots than the more stylized aesthetic of videos like “C’Mon Let Me Ride, featuring shots of the singer-songwriter looking au natural by the campfire and playing piano in the woods. There’s also a love interest, maybe the boy who “wears her out,” who shares a few sexy scenes with Grey in her camping tent….”

Grey Goes Camping | PopCrush ::
“….a torchy track accompanied by a (literally) fiery video set in the woods…. the first single from her revamped album ‘Don’t Look Down, revisits her gloomy, dark aura in this clip, which takes place in tents, near campfires and among friends.

Grey gets romantic with and clings to a guy who feeds her pills and probably isn’t good for her. There’s a real sense of longing in their embrace and tactile interaction — even though they are touching each other’s faces and bodies, there is a disconnect there….”

Grey Premieres “Wear Me Out” | AceShowbiz ::
“….as the couple sits by the campfire “wearing out” each other with a non-stop exchange of kisses, Grey plays her trusty piano under a full moon, wearing out her vocals on the moody song….”

‘Wear Me Out’ [VIDEO] | Mstarz ::
“….sweet voiced soulful singer songwriter Skylar Grey is finally ready to come from behind the scenes….

Skylar is an “earth goddess” as the video surrounds her and her leading man on a camping trip in the middle of some national park….”

Skylar Grey, ‘Wear Me Out’ | MTV Buzzworthy ::
“….is it hot in here, or are we just sitting too close to the campfire? Talk about PITCHING A TENT. OK, no more lewd jokes. For now….”

WATCH IT | VideoStatic ::
“….Grey clearly knows that there’s something not to be trusted about her boyfriend and their camping trip, while the camera and its attached light strains to illuminate that truth….”

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