Just after shooting music video for her DON’T LOOK DOWN single FINAL WARNING, Ms. Grey was interviewed by Campus Circle – the interview focuses on how where she lives affects her writing, sharing a connection with the crowds at her lives shows, and why she does what she does as an artist.

Read a few excerpts from the interview below, and click the article title to read it in full!

Don’t Look Down on Skylar Grey | Campus Circle ::
“….after shooting the music video for “Final Warning, the album’s second single, Grey spoke with Campus Circle.

“We had a lot of great actors on set,” she said. “There’s a twist in the video from the song. It’s not going to be what people expect. The feel of the video is very dramatic.”

Dramatic could describe the singer’s transformation into the artist she is today. The Wisconsin native grew up in a traditional Midwestern family that lived in a town so small that it didn’t even have a stoplight. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles to change the direction of her music career, which was imbued in folk music. The city’s concreteness surprised Grey.

“I’m extremely affected by my environment and the people around me. That’s why I live in the mountains,” she said. “I couldn’t stand living in L.A. and being surrounded by all these opinions that I wasn’t sure if I could trust.”….

….Grey, the name, represents the unknowns in life. However, what is not unknown is Grey’s passion for music.

“I like to connect with my audience and play with an instrument the whole time. I mix it up and interact with the audience,” she said. “I’m really excited to play the music. I was on tour last year with Bruno Mars in Europe. It was an awesome tour, but I wasn’t ready to go on the road. My album wasn’t done. Now I have the album.”

In person, Grey is equally as mysterious, which is what adds to her allure. She describes herself as a ‘90s music lover, who is adventurous and does random things. But mystery and adventure often go hand in hand….

….“Creating the art, writing songs, recording in the studio and playing in front of people, that’s why I do what I do because I’m an artist,” said Grey. “It’s not about making a lot of money. That’s a nice bonus, but at the end of the day, the reason I do this is because I love to perform, and I love making music.”….”

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