Playboy has featured Ms. Grey in the July 3 special of their Femme On Fire: Women To Watch For series! The special features a lengthy interview with Ms. Grey by Vanessa Butler, including their talking about women in the music industry, albums as a whole vs. single songs, working with Travis Barker, one of her most embarrassing moments, and her first memory of Playboy magazine.

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“… You’ve done a lot for someone who’s only now releasing a major label debut! It must’ve been great to focus your energy onto your own full-length studio album.

Grey: Yeah, it’s been a long time coming. [laughs] Basically the process of the album started when I wrote “Love the Way You Lie. The oldest song on the album, “Final Warning, was written the same week I wrote “Love the Way You Lie” and then since then I’ve written quite a few songs, not a crazy amount, but enough to experiment while I was trying to figure out what exactly I wanted the rest of the album to sound like. It took me a few years to figure it out! Is there one specific song on your new album you can’t wait to share?

Grey: I really believe in albums still, call me old-school but I’m really excited for people to hear the whole thing because as you’ve probably heard just from listening to it, it’s pretty diverse and there’s a lot of dimensions to who I am as an artist, so one song will not really show that. So I’m mostly excited to have a body of work out there that people can get into. And I’m sure the first time they’ll listen to it they’ll have like one or two favorites and then the hundredth time they listen to it there will be a song that maybe they didn’t like at first but that’ll soon be their favorite. I wanted there to be different levels of catchiness and different kinds of songs on the album so people can spend some time with it. Some of the songs are more growers and some of the songs are more instant. I’m excited, actually, to see which songs are favorites. You’ve worked with a lot of iconic musicians. What has been the best advice you’ve been given along the way?

Grey: This wasn’t directed at me, but I really loved this: I was at an award show once and David Foster was doing a speech and at one point he said, “Make every decision like you’ve got a hundred million dollars in the bank.” And that may not make sense to some people, but to me it meant that you shouldn’t make decisions based on trying to make money; you should make decisions based on your creative instinct. And that’s something I see Eminem do every day. I really admire that. His ability to make decisions not based on what he thinks other people want to hear or anything, it’s really purely about the art. I feel that a lot of times in Hollywood these days that people are driven by the wrong things: they’re driven by money and fame. It can compromise the art. And so David’s quote really has some weight. Be true to your creative instinct and don’t go after the wrong goals…..”

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