Writing for The Washington Post, Allison Stewart phoned Ms. Grey for an interview while Ms. Grey was in Half Moon Bay, California, attending the Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit this past June. The conversation evolved into a 2-page feature which is now available via the official Washington Post website.

Read the opening statements from the feature below, and click the publication’s logo to read the entire 2-page article!

Skylar Grey Feature by Allison Stewart | The Washington Post ::
“….if she does nothing else, let Nicole Scherzinger serve as a cautionary tale. The former Pussycat Doll famously spent more than half a decade working on a solo debut, which, after many pushed-back release dates and failed singles, has still never been released in the United States. She isn’t the only one: Even a superstar like Faith Hill isn’t immune to Delayed Album Syndrome. Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, whose own solo album gestated for more years than she would care to remember, thought she might meet the same fate. “I was a little bit worried, honestly,” she says. Her official debut, “Don’t Look Down, endured years of tweaking, title changes and underperforming singles before it finally gets a proper release on Tuesday.

It’s not that Grey thinks “Don’t Look Down” will make her famous — “I don’t have high expectations for its sales or anything” — it’s just that releasing an album unlocks all the other things she wants to do. Touring, making videos, connecting with fans. “For the past couple years, I feel like I haven’t been allowed to be an artist on all the levels I’ve wanted to,” says Grey, on the phone from northern California’s Half Moon Bay. “Everyone’s been so precious about ‘the right moment.’”

“Don’t Look Down” is a solid offering — a beat-driven pop album with a flair for the dramatic. While early 2000s Dido and Paramore are clear reference points, it also draws upon, but does not overemphasize, Grey’s reputation as a gangsta moll who has served as the angelic-voiced foil to rappers like Dr. Dre and Lupe Fiasco. Eminem, Grey’s mentor, serves as one of the album’s producers….”

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