Along with their exclusive interview video released earlier today (July 11), Yahoo! Music has now published a full feature article (by Tiffany Lee) and video set of  Ms. Grey performing at the Y! studio – performances include “White Suburban”, as well as “Wear Me Out”.

Read an excerpt from Tiffany Lee‘s article below, stream the two live performances beneath, and click the title above to access the full feature, including the 9-minute interview video, and an exclusive in-studio photo!

Skylar Grey – The New Now | Yahoo! Music ::
“….hitmaker, heartbreaker, Grammy nominee and hip-hop’s secret weapon is going out on her own. The inimitable Skylar Grey, the artist responsible for writing the unforgettable hooks on Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” and “I Need A Doctor”, is keeping that golden talent for herself with her new album Don’t Look Down….

Not since the likes of an ingénue Fiona Apple has an artist been able to capture and convey those raw moments of vulnerability that leave most of us stuttering, half smiling and half hiding. But she does so from a place of fearlessness and authenticity that is sorely missing in music today….”

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