ANDPOP have released a new interview with Ms. Grey, conducted by Evan Ross – they discuss why she chose DON’T LOOK DOWN as the title of her album, why she considers DON’T LOOK DOWN to be her album debut, as well as revealing an interesting tidbit to her Canadian fans!

Read a short excerpt from the interview below, and click ANDPOP‘s logo to view the full article.

Skylar Grey Interview | ANDPOP ::
“….having just released her second studio album Don’t Look Down  (although she considers it her debut), the singer’s success so far is nothing to scoff at.  With a Grammy nomination and the support of big names rappers and producers like Eminem and Alex da Kid, it’s no surprise that Grey is poised to become a household name….

If you could say one thing to your Canadian fans what would it be?

(pauses) I don’t know…I love Canada. I have a funny story about Canada though. For the longest time I thought I was conceived in Thunder Bay, which is why I named my production company after it (laughs) I was almost Canadian….”

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