Back in June, while at the Sayers Club in Los Angeles, Ms. Grey sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The full interview has been published online – subjects include meeting Eminem for the first time, a humorous incident with Diddy while preparing for their performance at WrestleMania XXIX, as well as what her album DON’T LOOK DOWN represents as a whole.

Read excerpt from the lengthy interview below, click the photo (taken by Ramona Rosales) to red it in full!

Skylar Grey Interview | The Hollywood Reporter ::
THR: Did you ever tell Eminem you were totally intimidated by him?

Grey: I did tell him eventually. Now I feel like I’ve gotten past that. Not that I’m not intimidated. I’m still totally intimidated by him and his talent, but I’m a little bit more fearless when it comes to just starting up a conversation. I started asking him questions and advice and stuff.

THR: Is hanging out with Diddy anything at all like his hilarious music exec character in Get Him to the Greek?

Grey: I laugh a lot. We were sound checking for a performance on WWE and, for some reason, the sound engineers thought that they needed to put a crazy amount of Diddy’s vocal in my monitor. And so I kept asking for less of him and he’s like, “What, you don’t like me?” It was, like, two in the morning in an empty stadium that seats 90,000 people — kind of surreal.

THR: Do you think Alex’s success with Imagine Dragons will help you at radio?

Grey: Alex hasn’t produced much lately; he’s been more of an executive at KIDinaKORNER. And Imagine Dragons had been a band for a while before Alex found them. … But Alex does have diversity, not just in what he produces, but what he hears. He has this knack for finding talented people. The new guy that he’s working with, Jamie Commons, sounds amazing and is totally different from me and Imagine Dragons.

THR: The album’s release date has been pushed back several times. Can you talk about why?

Grey: One of my biggest problems is I get bored too easily, and I like to experiment too much, to the point where I confuse myself and I confuse my fans. So it just took me some time to figure out exactly what I wanted this album to sound like because I had worked with so many types of people and tried so many different things. I had to wait for the right batch of songs to come together and feel like a whole piece.

THR: And it feels that way to you now?

Grey: It does — finally.

THR: As a complete work, what does it represent to you?

Grey: Lyrically, I’m talking about my life, from being a kid to struggling financially and struggling in the music industry — not directly about that, but the emotions that I went through. So it’s all very real stuff that I’ve experienced. To me, the album is all about growing up, coming into your own and accepting the challenges that you face in life.

THR: Can you give an example using a song?

Grey: There’s a song called “Glow in the Dark” [about] when you’re facing all these different challenges and you don’t know where to go, [how] it can weaken you because you’re just uncertain. I write a lot about the past because I really see things clearly in hindsight — obviously everybody does, so there are morals in every song. Then, once I’ve learned all those things and gotten through the hard times, I come out feeling really powerful and “Glow in the Dark, to me, is that powerful song on the album.

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