While not appearing on the standard edition of the Skylar Grey debut DON’T LOOK DOWN (instead appearing as an exclusive bonus track on the Spotify Edition of the album), “Only Thing I Hear” feat. Travis Barker has been getting a lot of buzz in-and-of itself.

SheKnows.com’s Natasha Shankar has written a review article focusing on the song, which you may read an excerpt of below – click the She Knows logo to access the full-length review!

“Only Thing I Hear” feat. Travis Barker – Song Review | SheKnows ::
“….So why is this song, “Only Thing I Hear” the “Pippa Middleton” of Skylar Grey’s new album Don’t Look Down?

Because just like Pippa drew viewers into a frenzy with her very appearance at her sister Kate Middleton’s wedding, this track stands out from the new album that Skylar’s trying to promote.

While it’s not featured on the album’s finished product, the single can be heard on Spotify as a bonus track.

In case you didn’t know, bonus tracks are usually the blubber you don’t really care to hear. But in this case, it’s a moody guitar and drum ballad that caresses both your heart and your ears. The story is that of seemingly doomed lovers who don’t have favor from the girl’s parents to be together and their subsequent suffering. Consider it the female version of Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” in terms of meaning….”

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