ARTISTdirect‘s editor-in-chief Rick Florino was recently granted an interview with Ms. Grey – during which they talk about her brand new album DON’T LOOK DOWN, and how the final album varies from her original version for it three years ago. They also talk about some of her favourite films, what artists she enjoys listening to, as well as the meanings of and inspirations for her songs “White Suburban” and “Tower (Don’t Look Down)”.

The interview article also features several photos from Ms. Grey’s album launch event last week with Steve Madden. You may read the introduction to the interview below, as well as several of the questions from the interview itself. Click the ARTISTdirect logo below to view the full feature, including the set of live photos!

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“….Don’t Look Down is the culmination of a life’s work for Skylar Grey. It’s been a long time coming, and the album proves to be everything she’s promised and so much more. At times, it’s invigorating, tempering a hip-hop bravado with positive pop spark. Other times, it delves into truly emotional and ethereal territory, revealing raw and real art in its purest form. It’s also one of the year’s best records…

Recently, Skylar Grey teamed up with Steve Madden Music to launch the album at an unforgettable live event last week. She’s got an undeniably awesome fashion sense so it proved to be the perfect partnership.

In this exclusive interview with editor in chief Rick Florino, Skylar Grey opens up about Don’t Look Down, movies, dark influences, and so much more….”

What ties the record together?

I wanted it to be something that represented me as a person and told the story of my life in all different ways. If I were just to make an album that was full of somber, dark things, that wouldn’t be reality. If I just did songs like “C’mon Let Me Ride”, that wouldn’t be reality either. I put an amount of variety on the album that would represent my personality. I feel like it’s really balanced as far as that goes. It shows all my different sides and tells a lot of meaningful and poignant stories of my life.

Where did “Tower (Don’t Look Down)” come from?

I moved to L.A. when I was like seventeen to pursue my dreams. I knew by doing that I was going to be leaving a lot behind, but it was all for the best. It was a positive move for me. At the same time, I was leaving a lot of things behind like a certain person. It was written from the perspective of the person staying in the small town and watching me go off and chase my dreams and never having this future we dreamed of when we were kids.

What have you been listening to?

I’m really excited about Angel Haze. I bought her EP a couple of months ago, and I reached out and put her on my album because I love her work. I’m excited to get her new album. I’m really looking forward to it. She’s really unique and raw. She does her own thing, and she’s really talented.

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