Gowhere Hip Hop has just published their interview/documentary feature, taken from live performance and interview footage filmed by Gowhere at Ms. Grey‘s July 21 DON’T LOOK DOWN Tour stop at Schubas in Chicago, Illinois.

Along with the documentary video itself, check out Gowhere‘s introduction to the piece, as well as their line-up of topics covered within the sit-down interview below. Also check out the track list of songs featured in the piece on GowhereHipHop.com by clicking the title below, and be sure to rate their article 5-stars!

Live at Schubas in Chicago – Interview | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….there is more to Skylar Grey than being a wonderful singer and songwriter. She has a wide range in her personality and music that are both seen in our interview and in her performance at a sold-out Schubas earlier this week.

After getting the chance to talk with Skylar and experience the concert in such an intimate setting, I became even more of a fan and further appreciate her artistry, complexities, authenticity, and overall style. Watch our new documentary style production above, in what is one of my favorite interviews to date….”

Skylar Grey reveals:

– the influence of hip hop on her music and album

– the first hip hop album she ever bought

– a new story about working with Eminem on the album

– her first reaction to Lupe’s direction on “Words I Never Said”

– the different personalities that are conveyed on the album

– what “Gowhere You Love” means to her

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