The latest visual from Ms. Grey, her “Back from the Dead” collaboration with Travis Barker and Big Sean (directed by David Rosenbaum), which serves as the latest single from DON’T LOOK DOWN, dropped on Monday of last week (September 30).

Check out a sample of what the blogs and critics have had to say about it over this past week!

Skylar Grey f/ Big Sean x Travis Barker | SoulCulture ::
“….the Wisconsin raised singer-songwriter is joined by G.O.O.D Music’s Detroit player Big Sean and former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker for the monochromatic and eerie official music….”

Skylar Grey f/ Big Sean & Travis Barker | Rap-Up ::
“….Grey gets a blast from the past in the video for “Back From the Dead”…. The singer-songwriter is haunted by a former lover as she walks through a museum filled with dioramas, grizzly bears, and grey wolves in the black-and-white clip.

Big Sean appears to be invisible to Skylar as he delivers his verse with skulls and a skeleton by his side….”

Skylar Grey f/ Travis Barker and Big Sean | VideoStatic ::
“….Skylar looks at a past life (her own, I’m assuming) and the accompanying demons captured in natural history dioramas in this b/w clip. Considering she’s wearing a killer see-through dress and six-inch heels (I think), I’m pretty sure she’s doing just fine now….”

Skylar Grey Feat. Big Sean And Travis Barker | VIBE ::
“….it takes some self reflection for Skylar Grey to grasp a past love…. In this clip, art helps the singer come to terms with her heart reopening to a relationship she buried 6 feet under….”

VIDEO | Dropout UK ::
“….a haunting video has been put together that is actually quite pretty at the same time….”

Spook-Tacluar | Spin or Bin Music ::
“….some people might choose to prep for the imminent arrival of Santa Claus as early as October but while September ends and the Green Day references bombard the Internet, tis the season to be excited for Halloween.

Perfect timing for Skylar Grey to finally release her bone-tingling music video…. Wrapped in melancholic keys and armed to the teeth with pulsating beats courtesy of Blink-182’s very own Travis Barker, it’s no wonder the first track off Don’t Look Down was an instant favourite.

The black-and-white video goes hand-in-hand with the production of the rather dark anthem that’s already spiked with vintage horror story sort of bits; requiring only visuals like the go-to Evan Peters skeleton face mask and a rather menacing stuffed wolf. Big Sean is also a convincing ex-paramour next to Grey who cuts a simultaneously seductive yet forlorn figure.

Aptly set in a museum (where people don’t usually go to anymore), the grabbing imagery is definitely appreciated, much to the general benefit of the concept of “dead”, i.e. things like a gramophone (a turntable, but not the DJ type) and a human drummer while brilliant, eventually disappears from his display….”

[Official Music Video] | College Of Music ::
“….this song features the ever so talented Travis Barker on the drums as well as the main man, Big Sean, who is easily one of the most versatile rappers in the game. Well done music video from some of Interscope’s finest….”

(video inside) | RU-Crazy ::
“….Grey returns with the visual for one of the most attractive songs featured on the project….”

Grey, Big Sean & Travis Barker | stupidDOPE ::
“….the cut is a dark number….creating something dope that gets nicely brought to life in the clip.

The dark video matches the feel of the track nicely, giving it a cinematic feel and finding each artist doing their thing and doing so rather impressively. Don’t sleep on this video, nor the album….be sure to cop Ms. Grey’s album, Don’t Look Down, immediately….”

Music Video | Music News Nashville ::
“….the newest single from Skylar Grey’s recording debut Don’t Look Down….depicts a metaphorical take on the song’s lyrics in a gorgeously shot black and white cinematic production. ….the music video is set in a museum and looks to its installations to help illustrate the emotion behind the lyrics….”

NEW VIDEO | Rap Radar ::
“….pictures are worth more than a thousand words. And while walking through the art exhibit, Big Sean and Travis Barker help bring Skylar’s new video come to life….”

Skylar Grey featuring Big Sean & Travis Barker | HYPETRAK ::
“….Grey brings forth the visual translation for her Big Sean and Travis Barker-assisted single “Back From The Dead. She projects the concept of past relationships being resurrected from the grave to a museum setting where chapters of her previous life are vividly depicted within framed canvases….”

New Video | ::
“….Grey brings art to life in “Back From the Dead”…. The singer-songwriter strolls through an abandoned museum, observing various dioramas as she reflects on a past relationship coming back into her life. Travis Barker and Big Sean transform from exhibit statues to real life figures as Grey walks by in the black-and-white visual….”

“BACK FROM THE DEAD” VIDEO | DirectLyrics ::
“….the song is about the return of a lover who was better gone. The dark visual for the dark song makes the perfect fit. Skylar will take viewers on a guided tour across her museum of bad memories….”

(VIDEO) | Straight Fresh ::
“….with a very Night At The Museum-esque presentation, Skylar, Travis Barker & Sean Don keep it black & white for the official visuals for “Back From The Dead”….”

Haunted By Lover | PopCrush ::
“….the arty, black-and-white clip shows the singer-songwriter in a sort of museum of lost love….She passes different dioramas of people (and dead stuffed animals), including her featured guests on the track….

Let’s hope they’re getting enough air in those glass cases, or the video will really be dark….”

“Back From The Dead” [Video] | STASHED ::
“….songbird Skylar Grey is refueling old flames in her latest visual. The frequent Eminem collaborator pours out her sentiments on rekindling a relationship thought long gone in “Back From The Dead”, the latest visual off of her current album, Don’t Look Down.

Taking things frame by frame, Grey strolls around and views a gallery of moving images as she contemplates picking up the pieces and and trying to refurbish an old love. Shot entirely in black and white, the video casts featured artists Big Sean and Travis Barker in the portrait of Skylar’s emotional rollercoaster….”

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