Kaskade has been releasing live footage (by Eyewax Films) of his 2013 Atmosphere Tour to YouTube – part 4 (running at 24-minutes long) in the series has just been released (November 22), and opens with a live performance by Ms. Grey!

The performance is a live mash-up of the Skylar Grey x Kaskade collaboration Room for Happiness, and the Dyro remix of Tiësto and Swanky Tunes“Make Some Noise” – the mash-up being titled “Room for Noise (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)”.

You may watch the official live performance via YouTube below, as well as officially download the audio from the entire, full-length, 2-hour live set by Kaskade in Los Angeles at The Shrine on October 19, 2013, via SoundCloud!

Kaskade Live Series | YouTube+SoundCloud ::

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