AUX Magazine‘s newly published interview with Ms. Grey (by Mark Teo) gives readers some insight behind how Eminem gave her advice on Only Thing I Hear (feat. Travis Barker) and C’mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem), and revealing who was behind the fight heard in the background of “Final Warning”!

Read several excerpts below, and click the November issue’s cover beneath to view the full interview, including some comments on the meaning behind “Religion”! You may also read the article in the November 2013 physical edition issue of AUX Magazine.

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | AUX Magazine ::
“….A lot of your songs are dark. Was it important for you to write stories that were authentic, in that they don’t necessarily have easy solutions and happy endings?

I think that life is about experiencing things, whether it’s good or bad. Many of my songs are inspired by darker things, but there’s a positive twist to a lot of the songs. “Final Warning” is dark, but at the same time, it’s also a female anthem—it’s about standing up for yourself and not taking shit from anyone.

I always want something uplifting in my songs. Thematically, I guess my album is about coming into your own and figuring out who you are as a person and growing up. I’ve been coming into to my own and was discovering myself as both a person and an artist, and I have a whole new vision and plan for my career. Everyone has a different path—but that’s why I called my album Don’t Look Down. I mean, everyone has a goal, and we shouldn’t be afraid to achieve it—so don’t look back, don’t look down.

On another topic, what’s your relationship like with Eminem?

I got to work with him on “Love the Way You Lie” and “I Need a Doctor” with Dr. Dre, too. We performed together at the Grammys. We’ve just been continuing to work together, and when I made my album, it was natural for him to come on board and help me pick the song. He gave me a lot of great feedback—he made suggestions about where I could improve songs.

What kind of suggestions would he give you?

The first thing that comes to mind is “Only Thing I Hear. He said, “I love the song, I love what you’re talking about. But musically, it’s the same throughout.” He suggested that I add some change to the bridge, and he said to try some bucket drums. So I went to Travis Barker, and was like, “Do you know how to play bucket drums?” And he was like, “Yeah, I can play everything.” So I got him to play buckets on the song—but it’s only on the Spotify album.

Oh, I’ll tell you another example! On “C’mon Let Me Ride, I brought that song to Detroit with only a hook and a verse. When he added his part, he told me that we need to make it clear that you’re sarcastic—and that’s why we added the “I’m only fucking with you” part on the bridge. That was his idea….”

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