The Skylar Grey x David Guetta track “Shot Me Down” dropped exclusively on BeatPort one week ago (January 20) – along with being their featured Track of the Day, the song also reached the #1 spot on both the Overall Top 10 and Electro House Top 10 charts on BeatPort within 5 days of its release!

Check out the Track of the Day comments from BeatPort‘s Ken Taylor as well as reviews from around the net. Click the photo of the charts beneath the comments to view/stream/purchase a copy of the track.

Track of the Day | BeatPort ::
“….Guetta has never been your average electro-house producer, so it’s probably no surprise that “Shot Me Down” isn’t your average electro-house track. Out on Guetta’s dance-tracks-only Jack Back label, “Shot Me Down” takes a shuffly approach to production, while chanteuse Skylar Grey drops torchy vocals left and right.

Whether it’s a gentle voice over a sultry guitar breakdown or a punctuative “Bang! Wee! Zap! Pow!” that brings to mind French pop legends Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot’s “Comic Strip, this one’s a nuanced banger that twists and turns unpredictably for the dancefloor….”

New Single With Skylar Grey | HitFix ::
“….Quentin Tarantino re-popularized Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 song “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” in his “Kill Bill” movies and now David Guetta is capitalizing on its dreamy, western melody for his new single “Shot Me Down, featuring Skylar Grey….

Grey covers Sinatra’s vocals with her signature husky purr, while Guetta sticks to his typical hard-driving electro beats….”

Grey Pairs With Guetta | Billboard ::
“….Grey’s version of the 1966 Bono-penned Cher classic is re-titled “Shot Me Down. With its electric guitar and freeform tempo during the verses, it pays more homage to the Nancy Sinatra version of the song than Cher’s. Sinatra also recorded her version of “Bang Bang” in ’66, the same year Cher’s hit No. 2 on the Hot 100, but it wasn’t released as a single. After being featured in “Kill Bill Vol. 1” in 2003, Sinatra’s version enjoyed a surge in popularity.

“That’s one of my favorite songs,” Grey said. “It was really a cool thing to do. We worked on some other stuff, but who knows what will happen with that right now.”….”

“Shot Me Down” f/ Skylar Grey | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….David Guetta and Skylar Grey proves to be as interesting a mix as it sounds. On “Shot Me Down”, Guetta puts down some signature pulsating house sounds but then slows it up to a near standstill for a verse from Skylar Grey. Rinse, later, repeat to get to a second (and better) verse from Skylar before Guetta breaks it down for the end….”

David Guetta and Skylar Grey Team Up | VIBE ::
“….brace yourself for the latest single to come out of the mind and studio of David Guetta. “Shot Me Down” taps into the latest CDM (“country dance music”) trend by enlisting the help of singer-songwriter Skylar Grey to sing the iconic opening from country pop star Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” while being accompanied by Guetta’s own bangers – fast claps, racing synth plays and high-pitched ‘whoos’ – that together harvest a feeling of adrenaline and uplift that is sure to keep the festival circuit alive this summer season….”

Guetta featuring Grey | rip it up ::
“….‘Shot Me Down’ is created for the clubs and exudes his trademark kick that sends his fans into a frenzy. Reworking the chorus of Nancy Sinatra’s classic ‘Bang Bang’, Skylar Grey’s vocals compliment Guetta’s energy perfectly, giving the track all the ammunition it needs to be a sure-fire club smash….”

Preview ‘Shot Me Down’ | EDM Sauce ::
“….here David Guetta brought in the beautiful vocals of Skylar Grey….”

SONG OF THE DAY | notable dance ::
“….it would be so easy to slag off this record as a retread of the Audio Bullys’ UK Top 3 pop hit “Shot You Down” from 2005 because it is essentially the same concept: the chorus of the Cher/Nancy Sinatra song “Bang Bang” as an intro to some banging big beats. However, since it is produced so well and will sound great on the dance floor (and might provide some exposure to the brilliant and underappreciated singer Skylar Grey), I feel like it’s definitely worth a listen….”

David Guetta & Skylar Grey | stupidDOPE ::
“….this time around the producer, DJ and more links up with Skylar Grey for something dope and brand new called “Shot Me Down”. The track is yet another big, purely clubbing track full of intense synth melodies, big breakdowns and build ups, while Ms. Grey’s vocals go nicely over top of the track.

The track does however include a very familiar sample that plays out rather nicely with the track. It may not be your style, but its dope nonetheless….”

‘Kill Bill’ & EDM | FUSE ::
“….singing over twangy guitar strumming, Grey—sounding an awful lot like Lana Del Rey—coos the lyrics to the 1966 song….

Once the “C’Mon Let Me Ride” singer finishes her crooning, the track explodes into a raging club track that sounds like it could be the anthem to this year’s Ultra Music Fest.

If you’re digging “Shot Me Down, there may be more Guetta/Grey in the future….”

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