Along with some excerpts from the buzz surrounding Ms. Grey‘s new music video for Coming Home, Pt. II (which debuted last week, February 2), check out an article from the New York Post regarding what Ms. Grey was doing when her “Coming Home, Pt. II” x Budweiser TV spot aired during Super Bowl XLVIII last week!

Massage Kept Skylar Grey from Super Bowl Moment | The New York Post ::
“….Grey had one of the biggest moments of her career during the Super Bowl when Budweiser aired an ad featuring her song, “Coming Home, Part 2, a stand-alone version of her part of Diddy’s 2010 hit, “Coming Home. But Grey didn’t even watch it unfold.

“Actually, I was in Hawaii on vacation during the Super Bowl, and I didn’t even see my commercial play because I was getting a massage,” she told The Post Thursday at the American Express Skybox after the Marissa Webb show at Lincoln Center. “But when I got out of my massage, I had all these text messages and e-mails from people congratulating me, telling me it was amazing.”

Her friends weren’t the only ones who took note — the song shot into the iTunes top 40 overnight….”

Grey Shares Intimate Video | Idolator ::
“….Bruno Mars isn’t the only artist getting a post-Super Bowl sales boost….the song has rocketed into the top 40 on iTunes overnight and talented singer/songwriter wisely had a video ready to drop….

It’s a simple affair. Skylar performs the song at her piano with a couple of candles to set the mood but the no-fuss visual suits the song’s stripped back sound and introspective lyrics.

Could this become a hit for Skylar all over again?….”

Trending Tuesday #1 | MetroLyrics ::
“….Why it’s trending: Ah, the influence of the Super Bowl. The infamous sporting event took place this past weekend, and in a commercial aired during the big event, Skylar’s “Coming Home – Part II” played in the background. The song has now totally resurfaced, and even though it isn’t new or anything, we still love it so.

Best lyric line: “Tell the world I’m coming home / Let the rain wash away / All the pain of yesterday / I know my kingdom awaits / And they’ve forgiven my mistakes…”….”

RISE AND GRIND! | GlobalGrind ::
“….Grey pays tribute to American soldiers in her new “Coming Home, Pt. II” video. The heartwarming video features a soldier returning home after surviving a tour at war. Watch the beautiful video….”

Tibs Fav. | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….great to see this song get another push tonite on Super Bowl Sunday. As you’ll see, the video pays homage to soldiers oversees for their continued efforts and patriotism. #Salute indeed!….”

New Video | ::
“….Grey scored a radio hit in 2010, appearing on Diddy and Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris single “Coming Home. Now Grey’s unforgettable soft vocals return in a video for the solo version, featured in Budweiser’s new commercial which aired during Super Bowl XLVIII. Serving as a tribute to the U.S. Troops, Skylar sits at a piano covered with candles as various images of soldiers and members of the Armed Forces return home….”

(Official Music Video) | Fist In The Air ::
“….she has such a beautiful, soothing voice, and is just as easy on the eyes. The accompanying music video is a great tribute to our troops as well, an “anthem” of sorts for them and their families….”

“Coming Home, Pt. II” | KrownVideo ::
“….over three years since penning the original version for Diddy-Dirty Money, Skylar Greyreturns from a brief break to share her latest work a new music video for “Coming Home, Pt. II. The song premiered earlier during Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial spot in tribute to recent announcement from President Obama revealing nearly 34,000 U.S. troops will be returning home before next year (reducing the count by more than half).

In recent months, singer-songwriter has been on promo run for her major debut album, Don’t Look Down as well as a popular EP release last fall for a live session with iTunes. Watch the visual below and look for more imminent releases from Skylar to surface….”

VIDEO | Rap-Up ::
“….emotions run high in the music video for Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home, Pt. II. The singer-songwriter originally penned the song for Diddy-Dirty Money and then recorded a solo version, which was featured in Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial. In the heartwarming clip, Skylar sings the piano ballad while soldiers reunite with their families.

Watch the emotional homecoming….”

Coming Home, Pt. II | stupidDOPE ::
“….the beautiful and wildly talented, Skylar Grey, makes her return to the interwebs today. She’s back with a gripping new video and a new track as well called “Coming Home, Pt. II”, a stripped down version of the amazing single which she was featured from a bit ago.

The track gets a stunning new video as well, in which we see Ms. Grey showing off her vocal abilities in a dark light room, playing the keys effortlessly with the track. The track takes on a bit more of a personal feel this time around, and is packed full with emotion and talent. Don’t sleep on this one….”

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