Arjan Timmermans of ArjanWrites and Beats Music interviewed Kaskade during the first day of Miami Music Week yesterday (March 25), where Kaskade talked the organic writing process of creating Room for Happiness with Ms. Grey.

Read the excerpt below, and click the ArjanWrites logo to read the Kaskade interview in full!

Kaskade Talks Skylar Grey | ArjanWrites ::
“….what makes Kaskade different compared to many of his peers is that he approaches his creative process first and foremost as a songwriter. I went back to our 2006 interview and read him a quote from our chat back then. “It’s not the style that people are connecting to, it’s the song,” he said. Seven years later, that point of view still rings true for Kaskade.

It’s important for him to also drive the creative process entirely by himself. He doesn’t like to let people hear what he’s working on early. He also prefers not too work with a troop of topline writers unless it’s something that is organic and not forced. He specifically mentioned his work with Skylar Grey on “Room for Happiness” as a collaboration that happened naturally and grew into a friendship for both….”

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