Melissa Magsaysay, writing for the Los Angeles Times, covered several Southern California sunglasses brands in her June 21 article which is now available online.

The coverage included SICKY’S WORLD, who has entered into a new partnership with Ms. Grey, who also got a mention in the article!

Check out the beginning of the article along with its SICKY section below, and click the Los Angeles Times logo beneath to read the article in full.

Skylar Grey x SICKY | Los Angeles Times ::
“….sunglasses are synonymous with the Southern California lifestyle, and several new lines and brands are adding to the area’s booming market.

Each line is inspired by Los Angeles’ coastal look and caters to the eyewear aficionado who invests in accessories with high-end details and statement-making aesthetics.

From established eyewear brands based in West Hollywood to newly formed “crews” out of Malibu, here are a handful of the latest in the world of Southern California sunglass brands….


The Malibu lifestyle, with its multimillion-dollar real estate and celebrity enclaves, is enviable, to say the least. Now three area locals are capitalizing on the Malibu “brand” with a new eyewear collection called Sicky — a Malibu term for “cool.”

John Hildebrand is the line’s founder and designer, and his partners are his brother Madison Hildebrand (a TV personality and real estate agent) and Cisco Adler (a musician and son of record producer Lou Adler).

Launched last year, the brand boasts mostly unisex frames made in Italy and Japan in a range of colors such as a watery, pastel lavender and a classic tortoise.

“In Southern California, people take sunglasses very seriously,” John Hildebrand says. “It’s a functional accessory, and like a woman choosing her nail polish color, it’s an easy way to throw some creativity and edge into a look.”

Creativity also appears in the form of all-leather frames and varying finishes such as a matte red or black gloss. To back up the brand, Hildebrand and his partners have formed a “crew” of local artists, musicians and designers to act as ambassadors for the line.

“Our brand is all about community and supporting our crew members with whatever insane projects they have going on in their world,” Hildebrand says of the crew, which includes singer Skylar Grey, rapper Tayyib Ali and stylist Ashley Montague….”

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