Prior to the release of his upcoming Paperwork: The Motion Picture album, T.I. has provided VIBE with track-by-track commentary for the singles released so far. Included in the collection of singles is his collaboration with Ms. Grey, New National Anthem!

You watch his commentary video (starting at the 3:10 mark), as well as read his comments to VIBE‘s Iyana Robertson regarding the track, below.

Skylar Grey x T.I. – “New National Anthem” Commentary | VIBE ::
“….“‘New National Anthem’ I actually did like a year and a half ago, probably right on the heels of the George Zimmerman verdict for Trayvon. And immediately when I heard it, I knew it was going to be a scary, impactful, profound record. It’s so heavy with purpose and intent to shed light on a very, very taboo topic in America, which is the way young black people are treated, perceived and handled.”….”

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