In a newly published (November 14)  interview with XXL, Yelawolf almost gave the first insight to what fans can expect from his 5-minute SHADY XV collaboration with Ms. Grey and Eminem, “Twisted”!

Check out excerpts pertaining the song below, and click XXL‘s logo beneath to read the full, 5-section interview with Yelawolf.

Yelawolf Talks “Twisted” | XXL ::
“….XXL: What can people expect from Shady XV?
Yelawolf: I was surprised to see “Pop The Trunk” and “Let’s Roll” on there. I didn’t know they were doing that, which is cool. The original record I put on there, “Down, was a record that was really jamming but I wasn’t going to put it on Love Story. So it just so happened the opportunity came up to place it on Shady XV. “Down, it’s in the vein of where I’m at these days. I put that song on there. I did the feature hook for the Slaughterhouse and Eminem track [“Psychopath Killer”] and the feature verse for the Eminem and Skylar Grey song [“Twisted”].

What can expect from “Twisted? That one caught my eye.
I’m going to leave that one a surprise, just because it’s that much of a surprise. Some people are not going to expect it at all. Even I was like, what the fuck. It definitely flips things. I’ll say that.

When did all this get recorded?
Everyone was doing their own thing on it. Everybody was working in their own city. I was in the studio already working on Love Story. I pretty much haven’t stopped working on Love Story. I just put some shit together, Marshall would send me some shit, and I would record it and send it back to him…..”

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