It’s been one week since the release of Ms. Grey x Nicki Minaj‘s Bed of Lies (November 16), and they are both set to perform the song live later tonight (November 23) at the 42nd American Music Awards at 8:00/7:00PM Central, on ABC.

During the past week, the song has trended worldwide on Twitter numerous times, and has so far reached #3 on the iTunes Top Hip-Hop/Rap Songs chart and #14 on the iTunes Top Songs chart (both in the United States).

While you wait for the performance to air, you can check out some of the comments regarding the new single below, including a video segment from Clevver!

Stream | stupidDOPE ::
“….when you bring two exceptionally talented artists such as Nicki Minaj and Skylar Grey together you are bound to get something impressive….the duo are back and they return with something bold and potent for our listening enjoyment….

The track finds both Nicki and Skylar bringing their a-game and giving us something quite impressive in the process. Pushed by some refreshing drum work and some menacing melodies the ladies get a nice home to do their thing, and they surely don’t let us down in the process. This isn’t the one to sleep on, trust us!

Do yourself and your musical selection a favor, check out the dope new offering from Nicki and Skylar….”

Heartbreaking, Deeply Personal “Bed of Lies” | Slate ::
“….we’ve heard a handful of singles off Nicki Minaj’s much-delayed new album….the fourth single, “Bed of Lies, is different. Skylar Grey sings the hook, while Minaj—who’s not exactly known for anecdotal lyrics—slow-raps a deeply personal rebuke to a scummy ex-boyfriend. It’s perhaps the most confessional song Minaj has ever made.

It’s not just heartbreak that Minaj is expressing, though we get that in spades….and though it’s a rare, moving peek at a more vulnerable Minaj, this is no pity party….”

New Single | PopologyNow ::
“….it’s a big step in the right direction for Nicki. Yes, ‘Pills N Potions’ had the same vibe, but it was just a miss in terms of a lead single.

There’s a lot in Nicki’s favor due to the fact that this song is super personal, relatable, and shows Nicki at her finest in a long time. Could this be the hit that launches ‘The Pinkprint’?….”

Minaj Pours Her Heart Out | Rolling Stone ::
“….the song opens with Grey’s vocal hook and restrained keyboard work before Minaj jumps in with a heartfelt litany of grievances about a scummy ex….”

10 Track You Need To Hear | Digital Spy ::
“….the Queen of Rap received a positive response to her new song ‘Bed Of Lies’ when she gave it its first live outing earlier this month, and the studio version holds up to its initial praise. It’s a slower pace than what we’ve come to expect from the outlandish artist of late, proving that while the madness of ‘Anaconda’ will be on the forthcoming album The Pinkprint, Nicki has left some space to lament over matters of the heart….”

f/ Skylar Grey | The Source ::
“….unlike “Only,” and “Anaconda,” which are as entertaining as they are controversial, “Bed Of Lies, appeals to Minaj’s more serene nature….”

“Do You Ever Think of Me When You Lie?” | Great White DJ ::
“….simply put, it’s really hard to do wrong when you’ve got Kane Beatz behind the instrumental and Skylar Grey on the hook. It would be easy to ride the coat tails of that duo alone toward a hit single. To her credit, Nicki took a much more serious route and opened up to her audience, sharing some deeply personal stuff regarding past relationships. As much as I would have loved to see Skylar fly solo on this one, I genuinely appreciate the direction Nicki took with it and applaud her for her transparency….”

@NickiMinaj ft. @SkylarGrey | ::
“….I’m not sure who she is talking about, but Nicki did pour her heart out on the track and I think that’s what made it so great….”

Featuring Skylar Grey | Idolator ::
“….Minaj acts vulnerable, to signal in pop-informed songs that she’s getting personal. New song “Bed of Lies, off her third studio album The Pinkprint and featuring in-demand songwriter Skylar Grey at the piano….

Yet at the same time, there’s also this anthemic quality to it, as if Minaj was also in search for a good stadium sing-along….”

[LISTEN] | Hip-Hop Wired ::
“….yep, whoever that ex-boyfriend is got thrown under the Greyhound, Bolt, Mega, Peter Pan and Chinatown buses on this one….”

Listen to Nicki Minaj’s “Bed of Lies” | Complex ::
“….up until now we’d only heard the first verse and chorus on the somber, piano-driven track produced by Kane Beatz.

The second verse is less scathing than the first and downright heartbreaking….”

Nicki Minaj featuring Skylar Grey | HYPETRAK ::
“….things get more intense in the second verse, where Nicki is experiencing an emotional roller coaster about her past relationship….”

“Bed of Lies” (ft. Skylar Grey) | exclaim! ::
“….“Bed of Lies” is a slow, brooding breakup song complete with soul-searching lyrics from Nicki and a radio-ready pop-rap chorus from Skylar Grey. While it’s certainly a bummer, it’s got plenty of that slick, triumphant production, all pianos, rolling drums and booming bass….”

Minaj Laments Lost Love | Birthplace Magazine ::
“….it’s pop-friendly, but make no mistake, it’s a rap song. One which finds the Queens-bred Minaj touching on perhaps-recent developments in her personal life, and definitely not looking at them through pink-colored glasses….

In the meantime, here’s a song that reminds us she’s a woman. Not a doll. Not a figurine. But a real, live human. What a novel thought!….”

Minaj Drops ‘Bed of Lies’ | Music Times ::
“….the song marks the first time Grey and Minaj have joined forces. It sounds like Minaj is working through some stuff on the track, seemingly rapping about an ex-lover.

Listen to the emotional anthem….”

Full Version of New Track | MTV ::
“….featuring Skyler Grey on the hook—and presumably piano since she played it when the two performed the song live—it’s a slow-burning, bitter break-up anthem that cuts to the core.

More similar to “Pills N Potions” in tone and feel, the song balances between Nicki rapping about how her ex used her for her connections and then let her down and Skylar’s haunting hook.

Anyone who has been let down by someone they loved and trusted will definitely relate to this track—Nicki has always done emotional with just the right touch of vulnerability and strength….”

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