Following its iTunes #1 debut on the Fifty Shades of Grey film soundtrack, and her announcement of its upcoming music video, Ms. Grey gave a special live performance of I Know You at this year’s New York Fashion Week (February 11)!

This Fifty Shades of Fashion event was put on by the E! network, their television programme Fashion Police, and NYLON magazine.

Below you can watch a :30 live clip from the Fashion Week‘s official Keek profile, read part of an interview done with Ms. Grey by The Hollywood Reporter about her thoughts after reading the first Fifty Shades of Grey novel, as well as view a couple of photos from the event via Zimbio.

Skylar Grey – “I Know You” | New York Fashion Week 2015 ::

“….she’s only read one of books in the cult series, and it’s “not necessarily my style of book.” “I read it because I got asked to write a song for the movie, so I tried to get into more of the emotional side of the characters, than the sexual side,” Grey explained. Not that the S&M bothered the singer: “I edited porn for awhile so nothing phases me,” she said. “It’s hard for me to get turned on. Like a lot of my friends were so turned on by the book. It’s hard for me to get super turned on unless I’m invested in the character. I’m into really deep character pieces. It wasn’t really my style of book, but as I read it I was very entertained. It surprised me. I ended up getting a little turned on. I’m excited to see the movie; I want to see what the actors did with the actual characters and see how far they took it.”

She did relate in one way: “My last name is Grey, so it was Grey and Grey, and my last boyfriend’s name was Christian, so when I was trying to get into the characters, it was really easy for me to imagine this really sexy guy named Christian coming into my life and falling in love with him.” As for Grey’s own sex life: “I think I’m pretty vanilla.”….”
 – The Hollywood Reporter

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