Billboard recently interviewed both Ms. Grey and composer/pianist/songwriter Stephan Moccio, regarding their crafting of I Know You specially for the Fifty Shades of Grey film soundtrack.

While the full interview focuses on both of Moccio‘s contributions to the soundtrack (the other being “Earned It” with The Weeknd), you can check out the excerpts relevant to “I Know You” below! Click the articles title to read the full feature via Billboard.

Skylar Grey x Stephan Moccio – “I Know You” Interview | Billboard ::
“….Moccio, who has a shock of mussy dark hair like a mid-60s Dylan with a pop-star’s chiseled good looks, is sitting in his Santa Monica studio. He spent the day with Skylar Grey at a beautiful downtown theatre shooting the video for “I Know You, which he says will be “classic, classy and very minimal.”….

….“And I can spend up to a month and half working on just one song to make sure it sounds great. That’s what I did with Skylar Grey,” Moccio says referring to their gorgeous and haunting ballad “I Know You.

“It’s not that common to find someone who has the musical skills Stephan has as well as songwriting and composing capabilities,” says Skylar Grey, the 28-year old songwriter and pop star who is in the back of a New York City cab…. “Usually it’s either one or the other. I’ve written with quite a few people and it’s refreshing to get in a room with someone who is an actual musician, who can actually bust out constant ideas on the spot like that.”

But how does one compose a song that can possibly live up the carnal hype that preceded “Fifty Shades” without sounding contrived or treacle? “We tried to be a bit more emotional about it instead of focusing on the sex,” says Grey. “We both read the book and then we got together and talked about the themes and the different places in the story we felt like we should try writing for. We started out by just trying to get the mood and the emotion and him playing chords and singing melodies and being like ‘Yeah that feels right.’

For nearly a year, Grey and Moccio’s “I Know You” was slated to be the “Fifty Shades”‘ end title. “It was one of the first songs more or less loved by all,’ Moccio says, “at least by the studio, Erika [E.L. James]. the author, and Sam [Taylor-Johnson] the director. They were temping the movie and trying it out in various scenes. Around October 2014, they called me in and showed me the end credit and it played out beautifully. It was exactly what we were hoping for.” The song topped the iTunes chart the day it was released.

But nothing in the music placement business is ever guaranteed. “They did various screenings, and I think after a lot of thought they decided to change the ending of the movie ever so slightly,” Moccio says, “but it meant that Sam was set on having a male vocalist. It didn’t matter how incredible the song was.”….”

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