This past week (February 12), The Daily Beast posted an article on the Fifty Shades of Grey film soundtrack that included a rather informative interview with Ms. Grey, regarding her work on the soundtrack album as well as her interest in working in film herself.

Skylar Grey – “I Know You” Interview | The Daily Beast ::
“….fellow scribe on the Fifty Shades soundtrack, Skylar Grey, fancies herself a bit darker. She wishes American Beauty had featured a few songs written by her, and one of her favorite film songs is the Michael Andrews and Gary Jules cover of “Mad World” from Donnie Darko. But when writing “I Know You” (specifically for the Grey soundtrack) with pianist Stephan Moccio, Grey aimed to tap into a more emotional place in the narrative.

“Even though the story is known for its erotic sex scenes and stuff, I tried to dig deeper into the emotion of the characters, and I kind of put myself in her shoes and try to know what she’d feel,” said Grey, who read the Fifty Shades series’ first installment after learning she’d be part of the soundtrack. But though the song is from a place of passion, there is a chilliness to it. “He’s this mysterious kind of guy she can’t figure out. To me, that’s just a naturally cold feeling,” Grey added.

Though she didn’t hear any of the other selections for the soundtrack ahead of time, Grey said she’s pleased with how the final product turned out. “There’s a lot of different artists and different styles on it, yet it sounds the same because pretty much everyone was inspired by the same story,” she said. “It all works together.”

Since “I Know You” was released ahead of the soundtrack’s Feb. 10 debut, it, like the other cuts before it, has performed well. “The song came out a few days ago and jumped to number one,” Grey said. “I’ve never had a song be number one on iTunes before, and this was in the top three in, like, 60 countries. That’s a really cool experience. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the movie, and how big a brand Fifty Shades is.”….

For Grey, Fifty Shades is a launching pad into the movie world. “I’d love to get into actual storytelling at some point,” she said, adding that she’s interested in writing her own indie films—specifically writing dark, “mind-bending,” emotional stories.

“I believe that movies are the ultimate art form,” she continued. “You’re combining so many different art forms together into one masterpiece: the acting, the screenwriting, the cinematography, and the music. … To be able to work on a movie is definitely my dream.”….”

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