Having dropped 10 days ago (May 4), Kaskade‘s remix of Ms. Grey‘s Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack cut “I Know You” has been receiving positive feedback.

Check out some of what’s being said regarding the mix below, and if you haven’t yet, grab a copy of the song for yourself!

Skylar Grey “I Know You (Kaskade Remix)” | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….the entire soundtrack gets new sounds, most notably to me with Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” getting a more uptempo, techno vibe from the one and only Kaskade.

I like this better than the original as Skylar’s vox punctuate even more over the ever changing production. I’m not even that high on techno sounds in general, but Kaskade made it work here. I was vibing to it more and more as the song progressed so take a listen and you might be surprised that the combo works this well….”

Kaskade Remixes Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” | EDM Chicago ::
“….Kaskade is at it again with another outstanding remix that speaks for itself and the future of house music.  The deep rhythmic tone strums alongside the sultry voice of Skylar Grey and will leave you feeling seduced by the chorus.  So don’t wait any longer on this one….”

Fifty Shades of Grey Remix Album | Clizbeats ::
“….Kaskade lends his signature style to Skylar Grey’s “I Know You.….”

Kaskade Remixes Skylar Grey | LessThan3 ::
“….the soundtrack, surprisingly, had a few gems. One of them, Skylar Grey’s I Know You, has received the remix treatment from none other than Kaskade.

This isn’t the first time that these two artists have been paired together–Grey featured on Kaskade’s 2011 classic, Room For Happiness–and upon listening to their latest it’s clear that the duo still works great together. On I Know You, Kaskade transforms a soft and seductive ballad into a powerful, melody-drive club anthem. ….the combination of Grey’s touching vocals and Kaskade’s uplifting sounds will leave you, ahem, touched….”

I Know You (Kaskade Remix) | EDMTunes ::
“….the Chicago native has now decided to put forth his original rendition on Skylar Grey’s most recent release….

….Kaskade gives the erotic ballad a whole new melody driven future house flare to the track. Kaskade removed ‘I Know You‘ from the seductive speakers of a bedroom all the way to the dance floors of nightclubs. ‘I Know You’ (Kaskade remix) has arrived just in time for the upcoming summer….”

Kaskade Spins Skylar Grey’s ‘I Know You’ | Dancing Astronaut ::
“….Kaskade has taken a spin on Skylar’s own “I Know You” from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. “I Know You” transforms with ease from a sultry ballad to a tune with a club-worthy bounce thanks to the skilled hands of Kaskade, a producer who has long ago shown his deep understanding of melody driven house….”

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