“….artistic, very complex chord structure, and it’s a piece of art to me. I feel really proud of it….”

Prior to departing on her current #VHSTour with X Ambassadors, Ms. Grey provided a Q&A interview to New York University‘s Washington Square News contributing writer Christine Hong.

The piece focuses on Cannonball, the sound and sonic shape of the upcoming second Skylar Grey album, and even publicly reveals a new song title (read below) – read an excerpt below, and click the WSN logo to view the write-up in its entirety!

Skylar Grey Q&A Interview w/ Christine Hong | WSN ::
“….WSN: You mentioned in a previous interview that you like being you in your rawest form versus an overproduced version of yourself (even aesthetically, with lots of makeup, etc.). What does that raw version of you really look like?
SG: I mean, this album is that. It’s definitely not overproduced as a lot of songs are, and some don’t even have drums on them. I wanted to do what was best for each song, instead of trying to make it like a big-sounding thing. One of my favorite songs on the album,
“Moving Mountains, has no drums on it and is a guitar-vocal kind of song. When I said ‘look,’ I think it comes down to how you dress and how you present yourself too. There’s a lot of really over-done-up people, I think, with tons of makeup and tons of crazy clothes, and I’m doing the opposite of that with this album and putting out really authentic, raw music. That’s also how I’m presenting myself too, like I don’t plan on wearing a lot of makeup and stuff, so this whole project is the most raw, authentic version of me that people have seen….”

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