“….Grey says she’s been aching to “make something that speaks to me….”….”

In her second pre-#VHSTour interview to be released, Ms. Grey talks with VARIANCE Magazine‘s Jonathan Robles about working with X Ambassadors and Alex Da Kid on Cannonball, how she feels about where she’s at artistically now versus when she was creating her DON’T LOOK DOWN album, and also reveals some details on a newly revealed song!

Read the excerpt below to check out some of the new details, and click the VARIANCE logo to read the complete interview.

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Jonathan Robles | VARIANCE ::
“….while “Cannonball” serves as the lead single for the forthcoming, yet-untitled LP, Grey says it’s “probably the most energetic song on the record, but the rest of it is where my heart is and kind of weird,” she explains with a slight chuckle. “There’s a folk element throughout the album. Like, there’s a song called ‘Gone Fishing’ and it’s folky but it’s super weird. I did a lot of the songs with Mike Elizondo (Eminem, Dr. Dre) and he’s just a creative genius. I love it.”

Although Don’t Look Down was perhaps a polished, label-approved offering, Grey believes listeners will hear “a more authentic side of me” on her upcoming album. But it wouldn’t be possible had it not been for the previous set. “I think now that people aren’t expecting a certain thing from me, it’s kind of liberating.”….”

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