“….my level of enjoyment is directly related to the amount of passion I have for a project… And it’s at an all time high….”

While still on the road for her #VHSTour with X Ambassadors and Kevin Garrett, Ms. Grey obliged Boston University‘s Verge Campus Editor-in-Chief Neelu Mohaghegh with an email interview.

Among the topics covered with Ms. Grey are branching out into ‘….oddball….’ hip-hop, working on her screenplay, admiration for Native American culture, interest in working with Kendrick Lamar, and advice to aspiring musicians – you may view several excerpts below, and click the Verge Campus logo to read the piece in full!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Neelu Mohaghegh | Verge Campus ::
“….NM: Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

SK: My dream collab is Kendrick right now. I love his feel and his tone. His voice is easy on the ears, and the beats he chooses are very musical and raw in comparison to a lot hip hop. I think we would have good chemistry. 


NM: What have been some of your favorite endeavors in your career whether it be a song you wrote, an album you released, a song you featured on, a tour you went on, an award ceremony you were at, etc.?

SK: I have quite a collection of adventures… My favorite time though is right now. I feel like I’m finally making an album of music that is ME and I’m just excited to be playing it on tour, and prepping for its release. My level of enjoyment is directly related to the amount of passion I have for a project… And it’s at an all time high.

NM: You’ve done countless songs for films and other television productions, what has that been like, how has that influenced your music, and has any of the experiences you’ve had in the industry changed your form of identity as a musician?

SK: I love writing for TV and Film, as it’s easy to get inspired through a story being told. However, the 2 songs I did this year for big movies (50 shades and Fast 7) were songs I wrote based on what I thought the movie studios wanted me to do. My favorite song I wrote for a movie this year was for “Southpaw” and the song is called “Closer, but it didn’t end up getting used in the film. I’m putting it on my album instead. I am VERY excited to announce that I recruited Brian Joseph to mix the song. I became a fan of his engineering and mixing from his work with Bon Iver.

NM: I know you must be extremely busy, but have you started planning what you might want to do next or have you started working on any new projects?

SK: I’m mainly focusing on finishing and promoting my album right now, but on the side, whenever I have time, I like to add to the screenplay I’ve been writing for a while, and add to plans for my Woodrat clothing line. Also, I’m always exploring different opportunities to collaborate and work on other projects. I don’t like to talk about them though, because 90% of those don’t come to fruition, but it’s always worth the effort because it only takes one great thing to change your life….”

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